Monday&My week in skirts

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This is actually not a week, it’s more like the seven skirts I have worn in the last ten days. A blizzard blew in over Stockholm and then a skirt is not always the best clothing option. This little exercise, to use all my clothes, is altering my behavior somewhat. I do use all my clothes but in periods. I usually have, say six or seven skirts, that are my faves at any particular moment and wear those a lot. Now, in order to show them off, I’m wearing them differently. It is fun though, albeit not the best time of year for it. There are a few skirts that really aren’t made for this weather but I’ll make a note of which and do “Artfulreader skirt-sessions; the summer edition” at some point.

Have a great week everyone!



Blue Monday & Mirror selfies

I do not have a crew or even a measly assistant to snap pictures of me wearing my clothes, or someone else I can dress in them so that I can take the photos myself. And I forget to ask friends as I want to talk to them about things that actually matter(books, bacon and what my cat has been up to. Oh and their lives, because they actually have them).

It’s just me,myself and my iPhone, and at this point, a good knowledge of where big mirrors can be found throughout my day. This is some of the things that I have worn lately as I try to use all the clothes that I have, and that is furthermore of my own make.


Patchwork denim skirt; I went through a big patchwork phase this winter and and at the same time my favorite jeans, a pair of bleached ACNE jeans in the model Hex, fell apart. They got a second life mixed up with other scraps of denim from here and there. I’ve been using it now either with black sandals and a simple kashmir sweater or on the weekends with my beloved Stan Smith sneakers and a white t-shirt.


Patchwork kimonojacket; Ignore the smudge on the mirror, and possible forget my skeptical face. I made this around the same time as the skirt. This jacket however has proven to be a surprisingly good summer cover up. It looks very good like this with denim but also with a simple dress underneath for an easy evening out or with trousers and a silky top. It has reminded me that I really really need a simple navy blue evening bag.


Tablecloth to clothes-skirt; This fabric was woven by my mother actually. She made two different settings on the loom, alternating the colours and was intending it as tablecloth. However she never used it and so I snatched it up and used it to make a skirt. It’s linen so very comfortable to wear on warm summer days. Great with this denim blouse or as with everything else I wear;a white blouse and a black cardigan. I wore this a lot last summer with gold sandals and a white silk blouse.

Wearing blue/navy during summer is about as groundbreaking as florals for spring but whatevs. It should also be noted that I do smile, just not in photos.


7 things to do with teapots

It’s a known fact that I have a weakness for teapots. I have about a dozen at this point, in different sizes and qualities. They are a very good thing to have around for a number of purposes. Let me list a few.

1. Serve tea; this one is self-explanatory I guess. But I really do advocate making a pot of tea if possible as it tastes so much better than making a cup.

2. Serve cocktails; this old speak-easy trick is a conversations starter,mood enhancer and hostess helper. A punch, or a drink with lower alcoholic content i.e. something based on champagne, is easy to make ahead and thus create more time to socialize, if that’s what you want to do. Something like a French 75 is a good idea.

3. Use as a vase or flower pot; it does look very charming I think.



4. Make Lampshades; I realize that I’m the only one nutty enough to make lampshades out of teapots but just putting a garland of lights in one made of delicate china is very nice, as it will give off a very cosy glow in the dark.


5. Organize; using teapots to store either kitchen utensils or a rather large collection of brushes and pens is something I’ve done more then once in life. It is very stylish, especially if all the teapots are in the same colour ( and but that I mean blue and white;  no matter what style or patter they look fresh together).

6. To water plants; this one came out of necessity but it does add a certain glamour to the rather mundane proceedings of making sure the pelargoniums don’t wilt.


7. Carry as a handbag; I’ve only seen this in photos but designer Bea Szenfeld is my hero. Someday I will do this.



Fashion victims

I will not get on my soapbox again in the matter of unethical behavior in the supply lines that underpin parts of the fashion industry, or start rambling about how people throw away clothes to easily. I will however inform you that I have read two books on the subject, both in Swedish.


These two books are basically identical except they look at different regions. Overdressed-the shockingly high price of cheap fashion by Elisabeth Cline is still the one I recommend to most as it is in english, and it was one of the first. I have never been one of the biggest consumers of “fast fashion”, having been dressed weirdly since forever and on and off made my own clothes etc. but I am concerned about what it’s doing to our planet and it’s people. However it is not for me to judge (but maybe I do, a little, in secret if I’m honest). I  try to be creative, and encourage others to be so as well. Sewing isn’t that hard but you need a sewing machine obviously which makes it difficult for some. I have one, and it is a joy. My mum recently gave me an old silk floral print blouse that was worn out. As she is bigger than me I managed to make a top of it; the simplest of designs really, as a print this busy doesn’t need much.


Worn here with a floral patterned skirt. Florals look good with florals oddly enough. The skirt is also of my own make, with fabric that was gift from someone that had visited China. As I have made you look at it you are victims to my fashion. Now I just need a part to go to so this ensemble gets some circulation.

*Cue Miranda Priestly voice* “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”


Makers gonna remake


Last week I found myself in a part of Stockholm I rarely visit: the absolute center.The central station and there abouts is often very crowded, they are currently building a lot in the area making passage even more difficult and few things I want are to be found there. But it always good for me to get out of my comfort zone because I stumbled across “Remake”.

“Remake” is an initiative by a Swedish charity organization called “Stadsmissionen”( You can read more here in Swedish), trying to use things that they have been given that are not selling for different reasons. It is a problem that some people use charity organizations as dumping grounds for their old clothes; dirty, worn out or torn;those items do not sell.



By cutting up shirts and stitching different parts together they create something new. They have an ethos that everything they make should be one size and unisex. A very cool idea. They also different items of denim patchwork(coats,cushion covers,dopp kits etc. Very much my old right now) which are all very charming. In addition they sell products that help you take care of your clothes, curated accessories and few items that fit into the environmentally friendly and fashion forward profile of the store. And having thought and time put into things always gives me a feeling of luxury. I obviously like their ideas and found the store very inspiring; using materials and things being made locally, not to mention being “one of a kind”.

Very few of there items felt “me” (I would drown in there One size fits all)) but I like that they are there(they turn out to have several shops) and I will recommend them to people I know. For myself I got a bunch of new ideas(I might buy one of the shirts and use as a beach cover-up), I love talking to people who know more about these things so that I can learn and even though we are not going to consume our way out of social inequality and climate change at least this is a step in the right direction.