Thursday&Trend alert!

I’m gonna bring up The bear and the nightingale one last time and then I’ll stop. But this cover, which is from the hardback that came last year, must have been on the tables of many creative spirits because a quick browse in the shops (when I was looking for jeans and a shirt of the sustainable kind) was like seeing this cover all over.

These are some of the items I found that would make excellent camouflage, and that’s not bringing up all the items that could match it “in spirit” if not outright; I’m talking about blue brocade, Russian style coats, plenty of fur (fake of course but still glamorous). Dressing trendy this season means pretending you are a woman traveling on the Tran-sibirian Railway between Moscow and Beijing as it would be if Chanel made a commercial of it (and pretended that it was the 20s). I also went by a shopwindow and saw children clothes that would also have looked good next to this cover, although I don’t think they should read the book.

This is making me want to shop floral dresses something awful, which obviously is the last thing I need right now. I should however buy my own copy of this book as I will probably want to read it again and again, and look at the cover for inspiration.




Weekend&how you should lobster-ify your life..

Lobsters are the hottest crustaceans around right now. Not since Schiapperalli collaborated with Dali on a dress have they been this hip.

Probably it’s mostly Dolce&Gabbana are driving this trend, those lobster earrings are everywhere. And where they go, people will follow(apparently).

1.Wear it;H&M has this t-shirt. That’s an option if you want in on this trend. A better way is to just read either Consider the lobster by David Foster Wallace(I’ve ordered a copy but it hasn’t arrived yet) or Husmoderns död och andra texter by Sara Danius if you are fluent in Swedish. Again; books are not something I think of as an accessory but I often have one in my hand so I might as well look trendy while I’m at it. The former I have not read yet but it comes highly recommended, the latter is absolutely brilliant. Danius is the permanent secretary of the Swedish Academy for a reason. The notorious eighteen knew what they did when the asked her to join(if the members of the academy were available like movie star cards in the 60’s (or Pokémon cards)  I’d probably be willing to trade quite a few of the others to have her and historian Peter Englund).

2. Eat lobster rolls; This is one of the things that Gwyneth Paltrow and I agree on, this and the usefulness of grey cardigans.  I’ve learned the hard way that I eat like a neanderthal and thus have grease stains on several delicate items of clothing, as lobster rolls always are served with a dollop of mayonnaise on top. I need a bib, and more lobster rolls. I lament my silk blouses but I really think it was totally worth it. Mayonnaise!! Always make sure to put some finely chopped chives in the Hellman’s mayonnaise you serve them with. Or make your own mayo and use elderflower vinegar(I’m sure Gwyneth would approve; I made the vinegar myself )

3.Watch Last week tonight with John Oliver; they have a mock supreme court with dogs. But when President Trump got to elect a member to the court they chose a lobster as a symbolic representative in their mock-court. Because lobsters are trendy. The could just have chosen a cat, a parrot or a pig. They didn’t. They chose a lobster. Just sayin’.



IMG_1629April so far? Finished Augustus by John Williams and my accessory of choice has been cameos; I’m currently all about that Roman profile apparently.

It took me a while to finish Augustus not because it wasn’t good, it was great, but because it’s the kind of book that I really want to read in long sittings and I’ve hadn’t had time for that the last two weeks.

It’s an epistolary novel and not until the end is one of those letters actually from Augustus himself. Until the third part his life is told through the eyes of other people which means that is very different from Stoner but yet the same. Stoner had a detached quality to it, as do this, but I guess that’s the voice of Williams shining through.

The novel isn’t historically correct it should be noted, Williams has toyed with timelines and invented lost manuscripts but there is a bigger truth then facts if I may be so bold. This is a novel, doesn’t claim to be anything then a novel and so accuracy isn’t the most important thing, the story is. I come to it with a knowledge of the Roman empire, and Augustus,  in addition to a well-documented love of The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar which was written around the same time. I must now read I,Claudius by Robert Graves which I have only seen as a BBC-adaptation. That said, a knowledge and interest in the inner workings of that empire is not a prerequisite for enjoying this; the story of a ambitious politician is timeless in many ways.

The same day as I bought Augustus I wore my inherited cameo for the first time in a long time, it was for a special occasion. And apparently my appetite for classics/granny-style continues. Yes I did buy a pelargonium, and Yes: I did rummage for my other cameos. I think the Roman profile on the cover of the book has seeped in to my unconscious.

Technically my pendant is an “intaglio”(it has to do with if they are carved out or imprinted) but that has been used a lot; it’s a 1920’s thing I bought in an antique shop once.  The big cameo I sometimes use put at my collar, the two small ones I mostly use together. I’m looking for a third because they look best that way, like a triumvariate of cameos.

Things mentioned in this post;

Augustus by John Williams


The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenare

BBC-adaptation of I,Claudius


Sleeves and second opinions

So dramatic sleeves are on point. If Life in a cold climate says it is so, it is so. If there is anyone that personifies the italian word Sprezzatura it is our darling Annikky.

I feel differently however,which is both predictable(never conforming to popular opinion) and rather surprising (I love a dramatic sleeve; my collection of kimonojackets really tells you all you need to know). However if you don’t go down the dramatic sleeve look you have only one option; sleeveless. Sleeves are dead. D.E.A.D. Only republican wives wear a normal sleeve now and is that something you want to be mistaken for? No, I thought not.

When I wore my “beauty is terror” t-shirt, made in honour of The Secret history, the other day it didn’t feel right. In fact when I came home I chopped of the sleeves. Much better and a nice clash with everything else in my closet.

I blame two things for this urge of mine; partly it’s following the hilarious account @everyoutfitonsatc which often features sleeveless options. The women of that show live in a pretend world and only ever wear outerwear because it’s stylish, like to cry in restaurants wear a big ol’ fur coat. People in a TV-series don’t actually have to deal with weather.

The second thing is pure nostalgia; as a feminist I think back to the halcyon days of 2015 when one of the things that I was legit annoyed about was the constant talk about Michelle Obamas “guns”. Talking about her fashion I have no problem with what so ever; it’s choices she made, she used it to her advantage etc. How someone chooses to dress, or not dress, is a reasonable topic of discussion. But so so tired of the commenting on women bodies all the time. Well as a feminist I have bigger fish to fry right now.

And the thing with sleeves, regular or dramatic, is that they “cover up” not so nice looking arms the magazines always point out.  Fuck that. With arms, like with everything, most women feel bad. There is no perfect arm; it’s a game that is rigged. So yes; a dramatic sleeve could be a “get out of feeling bad for yourself-card” but it makes life difficult; I knock things over, can’t put on coats yada yada. And right now I have stuff to deal with and it’s not just “roll my shirt sleeves up a bit”(and that’s a look I love love love); I’m going sleeveless and getting busy. Dior’s New Look was all about making a women a doll again after the war. Don’t let the dramatic sleeves fool you into living a life with restricted movement. Run free, get stuff done and don’t bother about sleeves.

NB: This post is written very tongue in check. I had a brain fart and I’ve had a crazy week and needed to ventilate. The obvious solution to this style conundrum is to were one of those dresses or tops with one dramatic sleeve and a bare shoulder.

Things mentioned in this post;

Life in a Cold climate

The Secret History


Dior’s New Look



An outfit of one’s own

Well ,I tried to make an outfit based on the cover and the end pages of my new lovely edition of Virginia Woolf’s A room of one’s own that I got from Vintage books UK. Not just one garment but two, and the success was 50%.

img_8717The top I tried to make using a black fabric that is some kind of cotton that was laying around and left over textile paint. But it became clear rather quickly that something was amiss with the red paint. I think maybe something got into it by mistake(some kind of thinner?). I don’t know when it happened, I haven’t used this since summer when I made my Pride&Prejudice kimono. Maybe it was just laying in the sun for too long? In any case the red paint did not stick (this is however red to use on dark fabric). And then I kind of gave up. This will be cut up to use for some kind of patchwork I think.

The “end pages-skirt” worked out better. I’m really into external pockets right now so went with that, even if it does give this a bit of an “apron-feel”. I actually didn’t use a pattern because this type of straight skirt/slightly tulip-y is something I can almost make in my sleep. It’s rather high waisted because that is also something I often go for when making things myself. I don’t know how much I will wear it right now( although; could kind of be cool for Christmas with the red and all).
imagesAfter seeing this image on of the Balenciaga 2017 resort collection I’m getting a summer vibe from it and start thinking about it with espadrilles and a simple white vest. And I have a vague memory of something from Dolce&Gabbana in a red and white stripe with sequined patches that could serve as further inspiration. Anyways; very happy with my end pages-skirt.


Austen&Attire;Mansfield Park-dress

img_6193Mansfield park is not my favorite Austen but I will say that I liked it more reading it now then I did when I was younger. One of the main differences is that I have read a fair bit about her life lately, and I see the similarities between the novel and her life.

I was however completely taken by this cover from the second I laid eyes on it: I love these colours and especially together!!


After much agony I decided that this was gonna be a dress and bought some basic brown jersey to work with. I used the sleeves from one pattern and then tried to make it as straight as possible. It is knee length. When I was painting on the fabric it took a couple of tries to get it right and even then I wasn’t sure. But as I have learned; there is style in numbers. One of these little doodles look crazy put a whole dress of them? Works fine I think.

This dress has been used a lot over summer and fall: sometimes with this necklace that I had(made out of old broken necklaces in a kind of 20’s style) sometimes with just simple gold jewelry and a cardigan. I really, for reasons that I can’t  explain, want to wear it with leopard-print but haven’t found a suitable one yet; I think maybe a little belt or shoes( I would love pair of nice leopard print shoes in any case).


The beauty and the books

I’ve written a bit about perfume and books. How about other beauty products? There are some out there.  In fact it’s my bookishness that  made me break my rule of only having one bottle of nail polish at a time.

When it comes to nail polish I’ve become fairly conservative over the years. It’s usually some kind of red or “Bitter Bitch” from Tom Ford (which is brown). I went looking for a new red when I stumbled across “Ladybird” in the H&M Beauty range. Yes I have become very fond of the H&M beauty range; they do a few of their products very well( I love their lipsticks) so it should come as no surprise that those were my hunting grounds. “Ladybird” is a red bug of course but I immediately thought of the Ladybird-books. I don’t actually own any but I have bought them as presents.

I then continued to scan the shelves and found this beautiful greenish metallic named “science fiction” which I also bought. A genre I don’t read that much but I probably should. If nothing else Ursula K.Le Guin has long been on my TBR (to be read-list).

I found these both to be easy to use: I like the rather short and wide brush. Should be noted that I use a fast-drying top coat from Seche-Vite and a base coat from Mavala. But given those things the staying power is reasonable: a few days and I use my hands and wreck my nail polish easily (sewing etc.). The price is also agreeable; 50 kr per bottle. More info can be found here.