Stella McCartney is a designer I admire but actually don’t own anything by. Which is nothing personal, I don’t own much in terms of designer wear actually. But she has a cool style and there are a few things that I’ve seen over the years that I wouldn’t mind owning, but for a lack of funds or not being quick enough before they sell out, I don’t. However I can still use it as a source of inspiration.

IMG_2166 (1)

The picture to the left, found on, features a striped top, a terracotta coloured bag and a pair of botanical print culottes from Stella McCartney. I’m wearing a striped top I made of some fabric my mum found in drawer somewhere, a pair of terra-cotta suede shorts that I have no idea why I bought the other year (I’v barely worn them as they are too short. No really) and to top it of I’ll be walking around with Blodsbunden by Augustin Erba which has  a botanical print cover; it is one of my most anticipated summer reads.




Kilts&Covers; a bookish three step guide to the Gucci look

I’m really into what Gucci is doing right now. On and off they hit just the right spot and this is one of those times. I’m not over the moon about everything in the collection but when I walked past the Gucci store and saw this window display I swooned a little; partly because it’s a combination of things I like, and so I already had most of it. Just a matter of putting it together; here is how.


  1. Get a kilt; I’m not gonna get into the whole “only men have kilts and by the way that thing you are wearing isn’t even that”; I say kilt and you know approximatively what I mean. I love a bit of tartan and have had plenty of skirts there of. This is a classic women’s kilt-style skirt which is a good investment as they work on many occasions and look good on most people; I have an old tear sheet  with Laura Bailey wearing one that is pretty much #stylegoals but alas I’m not blond and beautiful. This is the kind of thing that can be had for a bargain second hand so keep your eyes open. I paid 50 SEK(€5) for mine(see below) and I have used it loads; great winter skirt.
  2. Get a striped sweater (or just a plain sweater); I told you, this look is made of things I like. Striped sweaters, again, are a very classic thing. One of those french sailor sweaters with buttons on the shoulder is not a bad investment, but often striped sweaters can be found in good quality without breaking the bank. And even though this look is based on a stripes (I used a Sonia Rykiel one worn backwards) I really like the look of a plain grey sweater with both tartan skirts and skirts of chiffon or more delicate or durable material(jersey and leather is a match made in heaven). IMG_1713 (1)
  3. Read a book with a tiger on the cover; I’m holding Hanne Kjöller’s “En svensk tiger” about the culture of silence in the swedish police that my father insists I read but there are plenty of books out there that are worth reading and fits the look.



IMG_1629April so far? Finished Augustus by John Williams and my accessory of choice has been cameos; I’m currently all about that Roman profile apparently.

It took me a while to finish Augustus not because it wasn’t good, it was great, but because it’s the kind of book that I really want to read in long sittings and I’ve hadn’t had time for that the last two weeks.

It’s an epistolary novel and not until the end is one of those letters actually from Augustus himself. Until the third part his life is told through the eyes of other people which means that is very different from Stoner but yet the same. Stoner had a detached quality to it, as do this, but I guess that’s the voice of Williams shining through.

The novel isn’t historically correct it should be noted, Williams has toyed with timelines and invented lost manuscripts but there is a bigger truth then facts if I may be so bold. This is a novel, doesn’t claim to be anything then a novel and so accuracy isn’t the most important thing, the story is. I come to it with a knowledge of the Roman empire, and Augustus,  in addition to a well-documented love of The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar which was written around the same time. I must now read I,Claudius by Robert Graves which I have only seen as a BBC-adaptation. That said, a knowledge and interest in the inner workings of that empire is not a prerequisite for enjoying this; the story of a ambitious politician is timeless in many ways.

The same day as I bought Augustus I wore my inherited cameo for the first time in a long time, it was for a special occasion. And apparently my appetite for classics/granny-style continues. Yes I did buy a pelargonium, and Yes: I did rummage for my other cameos. I think the Roman profile on the cover of the book has seeped in to my unconscious.

Technically my pendant is an “intaglio”(it has to do with if they are carved out or imprinted) but that has been used a lot; it’s a 1920’s thing I bought in an antique shop once.  The big cameo I sometimes use put at my collar, the two small ones I mostly use together. I’m looking for a third because they look best that way, like a triumvariate of cameos.

Things mentioned in this post;

Augustus by John Williams


The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenare

BBC-adaptation of I,Claudius


7 contemporary classics for spring

IMG_1453Spring has sprung. Well, not really but it is April 1st and while the weather is a joke my determination to live life like winter is behind us is not. I am truly running a fool’s errand.

So what will be the themes of Spring 2017? Florals can be assumed, a certain amount of pastels too(although pink coats has been THE trend up here this winter). As some of my most beloved clothes are falling apart, and I haven’t had time to sew new things of the fabrics I have I will just list a few of my most likely accessories.

  1. Augustus by John Williams; Rereading The secret history and reading S.P.Q.R by Mary Beard before that has really put me in a “Roman empire state of mind”, and this book has been on my TBR since last year. It reminds me a bit of The memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar, which I love. I’m not saying books should be thought of as accessories,I’m just saying I very often have one in my hand.
  2. My little “Airmail”-wallet from &other stories; as soon as I saw this I knew I needed to have it. I love classic Airmail and I actually needed a new wallet.
  3. L’ombre dans l’eau from Diptyque; This fresh and floral scent with blackcurrant leaves and Bulgarian rose is one of my all time faves and this time of year I reach for it instinctively. I think it has a lovely greenness to it; I’ve said more then once that the smell reminds me of the front yard of the house I grew up in.
  4. Wayfarer-ish glasses; as I’ve pointed out before I don’t buy expensive sunglasses because I keep losing them. But the Wayfarer model from Ray- Ban is one that everyone recognizes and while I will never buy a pair of fake Ray-bans I have bought the H&M version. It’s a model I like but when it comes to sunglasses I do switch it up. Aviators look so good in the middle of summer.IMG_1310
  5. Luciano by Tom Ford; I do love a red lip but the exact shade of red does change from season to season. This one, which was a gift, has just enough pink in it so leaves my lips a lovely shade that feels just right (wearing it in this pic actually).
  6. A t-shirt with the words “Beauty is terror”; again, rereading The secret history had a major impact. The words “beauty is terror” is from a lecture they have in the beginning. This t-shirt has since had the sleeves chopped off. Will use it loads( a surprising number of people look at me and nod approvingly; a lot of fans out there).
  7. Stan Smiths; nothing says “springtime” like white sneakers. Smiths are my kicks of choice but to each one their own; I don’t like Converses myself but understand people’s loyalty to them.


A few things mentioned  in this post;

The Secret history


Tom Ford

The memoirs of Hadrian

Stan Smith



Wednesday&What have I been wearing?

Bad pics,random post and currently I’m stuck in a “50 shades of grey” mode it seems. What’s going on?

Bally makes the unsexiest shoes known to man but they keep my feet warm and that is of the essence so I wear them a lot. And they are almost the only shoes I have since two pairs of my winter shoes fell apart, and high heels boots are not for every day.

I realize that part of the boring choice in clothes comes from the uninspiring weather and season. The elements need to be taken into account when getting dressed, and getting glasses, rather distinct ones, has made me re-evaluate how I dress. Oh, and the fact that my wardrobe has kind of imploded again.

The grey pinstriped skirt and matching jacket are something my dad bought on one of his travels. Except it wasn’t a skirt then but a pair of huge harem-style pants. Huge. I cut them up and made a little skirt, the jacket is pretty much the same, I just shortened the sleeves. Not the best quality of fabric but a bit of wool in it so I stay nice and toasty. I do like the look of a small skirt and a big jacket, that clash of proportions.

The grey dress is made of “fleece” that I had bought to use as backing on a blanket. In the end it got used for this but it will soon fall apart. Fleece is,again, a lovely fabric to keep warm and the softness is appealing. But what I have learned the last year is that small particles of it fall out when it’s in the washing machine, particles that end up wrecking havoc in nature. The other thing is that it’s not a very durable material. The armpits and shoulders on this thing are worn out after only like two years of use. Frequent use(and being washed by hand) but still. I hope makes it through to May.

The third is a beloved grey cashmere sweater and a skirt made of left-over fabric from when I helped a friend make some curtains. A very cool print from a Finnish company that I cannot remember the name of. I’ve loved this skirt and I’ve gotten many(many) compliments over the years. But it is worn in places and this might be the last you see of it. As it was a small thing to begin with so there really isn’t much to work with; often I’ll make old dresses into skirts etc. Not so in this case. It will probably rip and then R.I.P.

No worries though; I have like 30 skirts in my closet. All I need now is some sunshine and a nice pair of summer shoes.