Wednesday&Where cashmere sweaters go when they die…


I have put the sewing machine away for now, trying to use the stuff I have instead if making more. For now. At the rate that things are falling apart and are not possible to put together again I will get it out again cirka June.

The last thing I made until I decided to put a moratorium on making things, is this franken-sweater. I love patchwork and my cashmere sweaters and cardigans mean a lot to me so when they reach that stage that they really are not wearable in polite society, I chopped them up and made a new item.

This is not the most wearable item one can imagine, but with simple trousers or jeans it looks very good. More importantly it is super comfy and warm.

And that’s all I have to say really. I’m just trying to get the most wear age and value out of my clothes, which means using them a lot. And when you wear out clothes that does not necessarily have to be the end. I realize that not everyone has access to a sewing machine or the skills needed. But if you do, this is an idea.



Tuesday&Trousers to skirt(again)

Let me first of all announce that there is a “skirt making/buying moratorium” in this house. I love making skirts and I love wearing skirts, but in the end there is a limit to how many I need. My usual caveats is that several of my skirts are old, and on the verge of falling apart (which is true), but maybe let a few of them get retired before I make or buy new ones? And let us not forget that becoming a skirt is usually the second coming for all of my dresses when armpits and necklines are ruined so I won’t run out of materials any time soon.

That said, there are a few kind of skirts that I do long for; I only have one pleated skirt at the moment (my kilt)(which is not an actual kilt but you know what I mean) but it is the kind of thing I love and wear until it fall a part. A basic black skirt would also be an asset in my closet, and what I made this weekend is close enough even though its future is unclear.

Let me provide some background here: I have had the sewing machine out on the table all last week so I do a little every day and that adds up. This is also the kind of project that lends itself to be made in installments. The fabric is one pair of worn out black jeans and a pair of black trousers in some kind of synthetic that I bought in a panic last spring. In just a few weeks later they started to fall to pieces. The zipper broke and I accidentally caused more damage when I tried to open the zipper and get out of the trousers (it was a mess). Neither of those items could be much use on its own. The idea came from my denim skirt in blue made according to this simple patchwork principle, one that I use often. I love patchwork, I just do.

IMG_7581I did not apply myself 100% (the lines do not all align), but the sewing was to some degree hard and fast as I am worried that the fabric won’t hold up all that well. This still feels like a better idea as not much else can be done with it; I’m trying to prolong “the wearage”. From experience I know that using old fabrics or materials that are not the best quality for my clothes can make me feel like an idiot, if I spend hours and hours sewing according to protocol and then have it fall to pieces. That’s the thing with poor quality, it is unpredictable. With good cotton/wool/silk you can have an idea how it will behave. Synthetics or cheap blends? Not so much.

So this is what we have ended up with; a simple straight skirt in two shades of black, no fuss. Worn here with a white shirt and the tights from the ERDEMxHM collab. I used a pair of booties during the day, these heels are just for show (it is 2 inches of snow outside).




So to recap; ages ago I bought a dress at Zara during the summer sales. I felt fine in the dressing room, I made a snap decision and when I wore it out and about it felt uncomfortably short due to the design f the dress and my habit of taking long and brisk steps. I thus cut off the lowest part of it and replaced it with some fake leather I had at home and all was well; I had a useable dress, one that I really liked as the top part of it is wonderful, and it was both warm and comfortable. And then the fake leather started to crumble, and there was no stopping it.

Fake leather isn’t the best material to begin with and it wasn’t the highest quality either. So I rummaged around in my bag of materials and what did I find?

IMG_7499Some pretty colorful wool-cotton blend fabric with an ethnic touch. I have a skirt in this fabric that I have used loads so it’s a no brainer. I love this blue (also: is that brught blue haing a moment?). Yes; this ended up being fairly short but, it’s a straight down design so when I stride down the street I won’t be inadvertently showing everyone my underwear. (I will however keep showing everyone my resting bitchface until I learn how to take reasonable selfies or get an assistent).

Worn here with a pair of tights from Swedish Stockings and my fave platform shoes. I would really like to be able to give Swedish Stockings my whole-hearted approval as I think they are trying to do a good thing. However, I’ve bought five pairs of tights from them at this point and two of those (well, three actually) have not lasted long. I know how to wear and take care of tights, I’ve had Wolfords that I’ve used for so long that they are almost members of the family at this point. We’ll see how I solve this dilemma; I need tights to be able to fully use all my skirts and dresses.


Friday&Four little projects

As the sewing machine is out the completion of projects, big and small, happen more frequently to say the least. I’m not only using the fabric and garments in my “materials-bag” for clothes however. Some is turned into items for the home; these are a few I have made of late.


  1. Bag made out of an old tablecloth. This had been somewhat torn and had stains so I made a little bag that I tie together with ribbon (or like a pouch maybe?). Due to the colors it has a Christmas feel. For now I will take it down to the basement and use it to store Christmas tablecloth etc. I have no space for Christmas stuff in the flat so I keep them in the basement for storage but don’t want to have them in a plastic bag (not good for the fabric). I might use this as a decoration or as wrapping for a Christmas gift next time.
  2. Lavender bags of an old runner. Lovely embroidered table runner, but stained. The time and effort that has gone into this embroidery is kind of the origin of my love of clothes and fashion. My heart aches for this kind of hand made items having become unfashionable and thrown away, or in this case just rendered obsolete when stained. I made these like pillows that I filled with dried lavender. I make these kind of things all the time (they make a great housewarming present). I will put this one in with the Christmas tablecloths so their months in the basement doesn’t make them smell or get attacked by moth.
  3. Child size duvet cover and pillowcase. My beloved Missoni sheets had been used to shreds. Many nights of sleeping, many washes and a few cat claws did they endure. When I got this set it was on sale and I had a received a gift certificate at the fancy department store for Christmas but it was such an extravagance. My mum was literally offended. Many years later I can concluded that those sheets were the most wonderful I had ever had (until I purchased jersey sheets) and worth every penny. They also made my bed look great. I managed to salvage enough to make a duvet cover and a pillowcase that I will give to a friends child; this is super-soft.
  4. Missoni handkerchiefs. Yeah, I’m gonna be wiping my nose with Missoni, I’m just extra like that. But really. A few scraps are just that and due to their softness they are excellent for wiping/polishing glasses. A few squares became the handkerchiefs you see in the photo. Bigger pieces will be saved because if I do decided to buy Missoni sheets again, those bits can be made into pillowcases. I have Missoni towels  (also good quality) and the different designs look good together so I might try that with sheets too.



So I’m doing the slow fashion challenge and the task for February is to clean out your closet. You can read more here (in Swedish).

In my case I did have a good sort in January already because I had the new hangers. Doing that, I had put a few things aside that needed fixing, and slowly but surely I have started to make my way through that pile. There is also the big bag of old fabric that I have been meaning to make thing out of. I’ve had the ideas, just not the time and energy. Well, it’s time was time to stop making excuses.

As someone who has a large portion of self made clothes in my closet and wear them proudly I often get fabric as presents or get offered old curtains and garments that are have been worn out or has been damaged. Such was the case with a pair of trousers bought by someone I know. They came from a fast fashion brand and after washing them (she says she did so according to instructions. Maybe not though?)  they shrunk and become both too short and too tight to wear (and the elastic on the lining wasn’t fun either). well, these things happen and she asked if I wanted them. They were not wearable really and I could feel that the fabric was what I would call “brittle”. I have never studied design or sewing but I have encountered enough fabric to know bad quality when I feel it. This kind of fabric cannot endure much in the way of cutting and needles; it will start to disintegrate. So I decided to make the simplest skirt possible.


What must be mentioned here is that I really like the colours and the pattern; I won’t be using this right now (it’s too cold) but in summer I’m sure I will wear it loads; just a simple thing to pull on, works with every thing. In this photo I’m wearing it with a beloved silk blouse that is wearing thin in places but the main problem was that the colour of the buttons was falling off. So I changed the buttons; took less than 10 minutes.


Cover-loving & Colour-blocking


Get used to this cover because you will be seeing it a lot the next few months. I’m really excited about reading this book and this cover brings together some of my favorite colours, and provided me with a template for an outfit.

I am currently obsessed with a few things actually, but a nice grey unstructured winter coat is very high on that list. Or like why don’t I have a grey cashmere kimono jacket already? That would also work really well for me. Or both. My grey in the mix was my big old grey scarf that has been taken out of storage and been used a fair bit because the mornings have been on the cold side. I did not have red trousers (although I have had some in the past and contemplated many more.) Pink blouse? Check. Although falling to pieces because of poor quality and intense “wearage”. And then that green!! Love it! This jacket is one of my fave pics of clothing and I swear, it goes everything. The skirt you see me wearing in this rather unflattering  photo (but still the best of the ones I took: I only go into Zara to take sefies nowadays) is made of an old dress that a friend bought for a fancy dress party. Welcome to my life; where friends ask me to help them make thrashed second-hand dresses into outfits and “pay me” by letting me have the outfit when they have thrashed it some more. IMG_4492

A totally fair deal by the way. Some of my best pieces of clothing has been made of fabric people intended to throw away. This has got a bit of shimmer to it, gold speckles.

In addition to preaching the usefulness of an absinth green jacket I will also tell you that I have found that a red necklace is a very useful accessory. I say the more ethnic looking, the better. I had one for years, it was painted wood and I literally had to touch up the colour on it (with nail polish) from time to time because it wore off I used it so much. Then one day it gave up. This is my replacement for now. I need something a little less dazzling and a bit chunkier I think.Over all this outfitr had great colours, and they looked excellent worn together like this.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, or anyone, that this combination of colours got me going.


Exhibit A: I’ve had this on my wall for like to years now and I bought it for a reason. I have one dress that I made before buying this that I have already showed you. Now that it’s a bit colder I’ve brought out another crazy creation in the same colour scheme, but this has a bit of wool in it so I only wear it fall/winter.

Exhibit B: This dress also has purple in it so it goes with everything. The red is really a tomato red, same as with the skirt, but oddly enough it’s a shade that works for me. So the dress, again sorry for the bad picture, is pretty basic three-quarter arm, it’s got pockets because when I make dresses and skirt I try to make them with pockets when I can. This fabric is very nice and soft, something that my mum found in a drawer somewhere. It may come from a flea market. What you cannot see in this pic is that there is a 10 centimeter trim on the bottom, in the same fabric but flipped around so the pattern goes against the rest of the dress which is a very nice contrast actually. I should wear like a pink coat with this dress is what I’m thinking now, or a pink cardigan. I always need a cardi.

So yeah, a lot of crazy colours going on. In patterns or individually, I just bring it to the max with these ones,  and I have a feeling that some of this might actually be trendy right now, like pink and red together, I saw that in Vogue. I need a pair of red trousers, I think tomato red culottes would look awesome on me. I also kick myself for not buying the tomato red Filippa K dress that I tried on a few years ago. I have regretted that many many times. I also need to go out and buy a new  pink blouse because I don’t know how to dress without having one on hand. The light grey coat might happen. Although mostly I’m excited that it’s gotten a bit colder, I have shifted the items in my closet and some of my dearest dresses are back in rotation. I’ve missed them.




Fashion inspiration comes from all over in my case but as I’ve mentioned many times before, books more often than almost anything else. It’s a cover, a description or a phrase.

The colours are ones she has never been in the habit of wearing-oxblood, mustard, jade- and Mrs Chappell thinks she cannot quote like it, what with such hectic colour in the girl’s cheeks and lips, such spark in her eyes; everything about her seems brighter, sharper, fuller.

The quote is from The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock that I read (and blogged about) the other week. It has stayed with me as I often say of books i.e. I have thought about it, drawn inspiration from it, gone back and looked at the pages. In this case I had underlined the words in my first reading so had no trouble finding it.

This isn’t about inspiration to try something new for me but rather a coming together of some of my favorite shades (some of which are trendy this season) that I already wanted to wear. In some cases all at once.

This skirt in raw silk (or possibly silk-cotton blend) with embroidery in mustard and oxblood is in my top ten fave skirts. I wear it all year round, with a white blouse and sandals  in summer and darker colours in winter. Just shimmery enough to work day or night. The fabric was a gift from India and it has made me so happy.


When people think “jade” they often limit the colour to one pale green shade, which I guess is correct in a “colour code” kind of way. However in reality jade is the word used for both “jadeite” and “nephrite”, minerals that exist in a variety of shades in mostly green but also shades of purple. I tend to think of it as either that intense green of this skirt or that lovely pale version , very art deco related, which is a hairsbreadth away from Eau de Nil or mint (love all those shades actually).

My beloved jacket also qualifies as jade if I’m generous. My nails are in the shade Bordeaux which is pretty much oxblood and they will be so for many weeks to come; I go through one bottle of polish at a time usually. The skirt is part Lacroix fabric that was left over from when a friend reupholstered a few chairs (I helped and considered the scraps  payment, after all “it’s Lacroix sweetie“) and then trimmed with a bit of leather from when I helped another friend shorten a skirt. Waste not, want not. This does look much nicer with a heel but for running errands I put those in the bag and wore my sneaks. There is a bit of yellow in this skirt and looking at what I’ve been wearing lately, and all the lovely mustard coats in the shops, I’m tempted to buy one. For now though I have a few projects lined up as I went through my closet this weekend, trying to organize, see what needs mending and figure out what of to wear.