7 list I should be writing.


1. Seven kimonojackets every woman needs. I’m actually low-key working on this list but I get so many ideas for kimonojackets, then have to go off and make them. The list started as kind of sarcasm but quickly derailed. Full disclosure; I have something like dozen something items that can be filed under “kimono” at this point. All of them very necessary.

2. Seven classic cocktails everyone needs to know. This list will come. I just made the choice to clear out the bottles with rather esoteric content first, to start building a more user-friendly home bar and take it from there. All I hope now is that I don’t read something great and start making cocktails that is 50% home-infused something crazy and 50% very hard to get alcohol and thus make things that are too odd for most people to bother with( this is probably what will happen however because NERD).

3. Seven great ways to save money. I should apply myself and be more frugal or whatever and then write a list. I’m hopeless however.

4. Seven great tricks and things when working with calligraphy. I totally lost track of my calligraphy efforts. I should get back on that, with nibs, inks and everything else.

5. Seven ways to make your own fabric patterns. I only know like three or four but if I ponder the issue I will come up with more. I do have fabric in my home that has received my magic touch. It’s good fun. But do people actually want to see more photos of my home and closet?

6. Seven tricks to tackle big books. I like big books and I cannot lie. I should really write this list even though “make sure that you are snowed in” isn’t exactly helpful advice (but one of the reasons that I have managed War&Peace)

7. Seven great places to visit in Tokyo. I still want to go to Japan. My first two efforts failed(due to illness etc.) but one day it will happen and then I will write this list.



7 ways to deal with a hangover


1. Listen to Cole Porter

I understand the allure of some Chet Baker but you need something more upbeat to give you energy whilst still being glamorous.

2. Light the scented candles 

Think of this as aromatherapy. While you yourself might not smell great make sure that your surroundings do. If you have a tub and can start the day with a long luxurious bath then good for you, that will probably improve your spirits immensely.

3. Drink copious amounts of tea and water

Nothing new here, I always advocate drinking pots full of tea and many glasses of water. Nothing like a couple of mugs of Earl grey to make you feel human again. This is one of the occasion when coffee doesn’t call my name.

4. Full english breakfast

The eggs,the tomatoes,the baked beans, the bacon and the toast. Heaven on a plate on such mornings. There really is no denying the restorative powers it has.

5. Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Ideally you can lounge around in a nice bathrobe, or in my case a kimono, all day long. Pretend you are Lady Mary of Downton or Sherlock Holmes.

6. Tackel a small household chore

I’m talking about a little sort of the lipsticks or pens, filing away the correspondence, rummaging in the sock drawer and making sure that all socks are in pairs and that odd ones are transferred to the cleaning cupboard to be used when polishing silver. Attacking a small project like that is very good for moral when hung over. Changing the sheets is also an idea.

7. Enjoy the muted state of  self criticism 

As much as I abhor waking up in this state, it does happen as it is not just the alcohol that plays a part but sleeping and eating and life. I sometimes have a head that feels like cotton and an otherwise sloth like behavior. However it is a version of the inhibition of the night before but less so i.e. the inner voice is on mute. I can be surprisingly creative on such days as I don’t have to cross that hurdle of perfectionism, “all my ideas are bs anyways” yada yada, that plays on repeat in my head. That doesn’t mean that I produce greatness in any way, not even when starkly sober and getting over myself, but a state of “flow” can well happen and just like that I have written a little something (like this list, that I will schedule for later in the week)


7 reading suggestions for crazy cat people (and everyone else too)

I’m a crazy cat lady at heart and true to stereotype pretty much anything cat-related works for me. I try not to amass loads of tat with cat prints but not surprisingly I do have a few bits and  bobs. Nor am I rarely disappointed when a cat turns up in a book and the bigger part they have to play in the plot, the better usually. The exception would be I am cat by Soseki Natsume which was a struggle from cover to cover. Whoever made me put that on my TBR should be struck of the Christmas card-list (I’m horrible with names so that will never happen, couldn’t figure it out quite simply).

A few good ones then? A very unoriginal list this one, but my cat has temporarily abandoned me in favour of a few more weeks at the cottage,just lounging about out there and being hand feed bits of cheese, so I’m making do with fictional cats.

IMG_22981. The Master and Margarita by Michail Bulgakov

I love this book and that’s that. I’ve read it a bunch of times and always encourage (i.e. bully) others into reading it too. Behemoth is the cat we are introduced to and he is everything; gun-toting,cigarr-smoking and black as the night. Bulgakov is one of the top-Russians to me; I love the bizarre turns that this story takes and the writing is phenomenal.

2. The guest cat by Takashi Hiraide

I read this just this week. I would compare it to a macaroon; it’s sweet and elegant but just the right size. A longer story would have been to sentimental. It does bring home the point that you do not choose cats, they choose you. They really do. And then they boss you around something awful, which you are happy about. But this is a nice book and well worth reading. And if you get a cat do remember that they will try to get food elsewhere, haven’t had a cat yet that doesn’t try to sneak in to the neighbours when there is fish being served next doors.

3. Kafka on the shore by Haruki Murakami

Murakami likes cats that is clear, they turn up in many (if not all) his books. In this one there is an old man that can talk to cats, and get reasonable answers (all cat owners talk to cats but it’s usually a rather trite conversation). Of his books this one is the one I like best but I also have fond memories of the cat in the Wind-up bird Chronicle as well.

4. Old possum’s book of practical cats by T.S Eliot

The only book by Eliot that I have read and liked. The musical Cats is famously based on this.

5. The catwalk cats by Grace Coddington

Grace Coddington,of Vogue-magazine fame, is a lover of cats and has a few. She wrote and drew, and Didier Malige photographed, to compile this very sweet and funny book about the spoiled and mischievous creatures and their imagined lives in fashion. Not much of a read as such but a nice thing to browse on a rainy day.

6. Harry Potter by J.K Rowling

I mention this series because of my boy Crookshanks. I have a weak spot for Persian cats quite simply. Of course the brightest witch of our time has a Persian cat, of course she does. (And really I want to reread these books).

7. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Dinah the kitten is cute but it’s the Cheshire cat that steals the show. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite books and that feline probably does have something to do with that.