Monday&Minerals&Many ideas

Slowly but surely I’m making my way through the list of museums in Stockholm that have free admission. And so the time has come to the one most out of the beaten path, The museum of Natural history.


I must have visited once at least with school, that is highly probable, but I have no memories of it. Maybe I was sick that day? It’s not exactly the kind of thing I would go for, or so I thought, so it has remained unvisited.

However, now that I know of it I might just go again because I’m enthralled by the collections of minerals. I came in through the big entrance and sort of made my way through the exhibitions. A lot of taxidermy going on and a few skeletons. Some very pedagogical displays of how neanderthals lived, about life in the oceans and a space devoted to the effects of environmental degradation. I saw school classes going through them, taking notes and their professors pointing out important things.

Meanwhile I sort of wandered off unto the far most corner and there they were; the collections of minerals. Some of them come from the time of the museums foundation and were displayed in old-fashioned cabinets. Many others had been placed in a more modern contraption that you could pull out so see the chunks of rock and get a little info about from where they came and so forth. And it was one of the most amazing things, I wanted to smash and grab many of them; they would make excellent jewelry. The combinations of colours that mother nature has produced, and the shapes and textures is truly amazing. The collection is vast and I looked at all of them I think. Some are even fluorescent! None of them could easily be photographed as they are encased in glass. Still tried though.

I get inspiration from the most unusual places, there is no getting around that.  These pieces were like sculptures of modern art. In fact I think I’ve seen something like it that was art. Furthermore the combination of colors and textures makes me think in terms of clothes. Most things do in the end to be honest, although I haven’t figured out how I will go from this to something I can dress in.


A straighter line can be drawn between this collection of shells on a pale jade green background. I want it as a print by the yard that I can make into a summer dress.

All in all I had an excellent time at the museum, and the shop is good too. Maybe not the first stop if you’re a tourist and have no interest in this sort of thing but If you are in the neighbourhood maybe? (You should visit the botanical gardens first, they are on the other side of the road).

More information about the museum can be found here.




Weekend and what Hogwarts house to dress as this season?

I have Harry Potter “top of mind” right now. It’s the celebration of it being 20 years since the first book was published, it has been around a lot on “the gram” and in the media so apparently it lodged itself firmly in my subconscious. And then Snyder mentioned it which was just great, now I cannot get the idea of a reread out of my head. I blame this for the way I look at clothes right now because there is a Hogwarts theme to outfits and potential purchases.


It started with this thing on Monday. snake-skin print skirt I made myself the other year, good ol’ black top and my trusted green jacket. Not a bad look I think but then someone said to me “Got a bit of Slytherin going on today have you?” which made me look in the mirror again and realize that I was indeed wearing the Slytherin colours and snake print to boot, their symbol is a snake after all.


And later that day I was going through my phone trying to delete photos (as to not use up all the memory) I found the ones I had taken while trying on outfits at Zara. I was primarily looking for a fall coat and this bronze-ish number was something I tried with a blue top underneath. I was never planning on wearing them together but now that I had my Potter-spectacles on I could see that I was essentially dressing in Ravenclaw colours. In the book they have blue and bronze, had I worn an eagle pin on the lapel the outfit would have been complete (note to self; buy eagle pin). In the movies they changed the colours to blue and silver for whatever reason. Which makes me think that all Ravenclaws use Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche as their signature scent, because the bottle it comes in matches the house colours (note to self; maybe Rive Gauche would be a nice scent for me).


Another thing I tried was this yellow coat. It was in the other end of the store so different dressing room, one not so good for photo-ops. And my scruffy sneaks should be ignored. Wearing yellow with black is a bit tricky in this town as it is the colors of one of the football teams. I do not care for them ,or any other team for that matter, bit it’s a reference I cannot get away from. But I like the slouchy cut of the coat, and a bit of yellow. I think it’s an underrated color and I’m glad it’s getting a bit of spotlight.


Which brings me to this old saffron blouse from H&m and my homemade wine red coat; on Saturdays we Gryffindor? This is an excellent combo for going out for a cup of coffee with a friend and then running some errands. As I already have this coat, the yellow one will not be needed. So I have something soft and slouchy in a non-neutral but the sharp bronze/brown one would actually fill a gap in my closet (but unfortunately not keep me very warm). I have a soft spot for cobalt blue but will try to find something knitted of better quality. The green jacket I have worn for three years and will continue to do so until it fall apart. Ditto the snake print skirt.

To be fair, when I read the book I always felt that I would not have ended up at Hogwarts but would have preferred Beauxbatons. I need one of those little blue capes, it would complete all my outfits. It really would.




Tuesday & Teapots

I have teapots on my mind, always. One that would be a dream purchase is the marbled one from Astier de Vilatte.

Photo from

However it comes with a hefty pricetag. Out of my budget for sure. I have thought about this teapot a lot however and as I was digging around in the cupboards the other day trying to find something to put a bunch of lilies in, I found something I made last summer.


I had bought a marbling kit of sorts, not proper marbling, but a sort of simplified D.I.Y thing, at the craft store and used that to make this. If I remember correctly there were two color combinations and I chose this one as I’m partial to both pink and green. The teapot came from a flea market.

Mine isn’t as nice as theirs, marbling is an art I have not yet mastered. There could also be reason to question my choice of colours as it’s possible that it would look nicer in something more subtle. And the proportion of this pot isn’t as elegant. But now that I’ve dug it out I will try to use it more. However I won’t buy lilies again, I had forgotten what a hassle they are with leaving pollen all over the place, too enticing to the cat (so constant fear of them being knocked over) and simple fact that I don’t really have any vases big enough.


Wednesday & What to smell like now

I have been living in my own little bookish bubble of late, I really have. The fact that Le Labo, the very cool French perfumery, had opened a shop in Stockholm had completely evaded my attention. Until the other day that is.


As it is located in a part of town I rarely visit (I only go to Södermalm to shop at Papercut and that is on the other end relative to this) I hadn’t stumbled upon it by accident but did so when I was thinking about them as I’m on the hunt for a new perfume. I enjoy looking for perfumes more than actually buying them, and I feel that it is time for me to break out of my comfort zone scent wise, so this might be a long process. Anyhow, I was looking at their webpage at the sample kits trying to remember which ones I had smelled and liked in London last year. As I was looking around at shipping cost etc. I realized that they have a presence here and have had so since around Easter. So off to the Le Labo store I went.


As all their stores it has a clean design, slightly apothecary in feeling and very friendly staff. Currently they also have, for a limited time only, those “city specific” perfumes that they do that are usually only available in that one town. I forgot to ask if there was one for Stockholm as I was more interested in the classic range.

I must say that everything I have smelled from them is well made even though they might no be for me necessarily. Most of them feel quite discrete or rather not distinct. I read someone saying that even though Santal 33 is the most known and popular from the Le Labo range she was still asked what it was every time she wore it. Noticeable but not screaming its name. If someone wears Angel or Cool water you know which perfume it is at first whiff. What you want is a perfume that makes you smell good, not one that overpowers you. Or at least I do.


They have samples for sale but this time I stuck with just trying two different ones on my wrists; on one there is the Vetiver 46  which is rather dry and miles away from the sweetness of Bal d’Afrique from Byredo. On the other I tried Thé Noir 29 which I took to immediately, it has figs in it and I’m on record of being partial to that family of scents (I have had several including Philosykos from Diptyque in the past). I currently have no fig scent as I used up teh one I had from Terry de Gunzburg earlier this year. So much for breaking out of my comfort zone…

The chase is on and we’ll see what I end up with. Le Labo is located at Bondegatan 48 and you can find out more about them here.

Other perfumes I’m thinking about;

Fantôme de Maules from Stora Skuggan

Ambre Narguilé from Hermes

34 Boulevard Saint Germain from Diptyque

Accord Oud from Byredo


Weekend & Where to go for inspiration


I have been thinking about Autumn/Winter clothes lately.  Have you been thinking about Autumn/winter clothes lately? No? You really should, because winter is coming and all the good coats are sold out in November.

I browsed the shops this week. I don’t often, I try to avoid it but I have a few items I need to get. When it comes to clothes I care very little for being trendy as such but I’m not immune to it. I dance to my own fashion tune and from time to time I’m in sync with what’s going on, and it interesting to just analyze. And then are are classics that never go out of style or basics like white shirts, black cashmere cardigans and loafers. Every now and again the shops will have the racks full of stuff I like that I wear whether it’s trendy or not and then I will try to invest. My poison green fake suede jacket has a few years on it but it looks to be on point again. I also need a new navy coat, several pairs of shoes, denim a plenty and previously mentioned black cardigans. I’m not joking when I say that my wardrobe is falling apart. The cardigans, and black shoes, are the glue that keep it all together.

Because when it comes to the stuff I make, it’s usually more colorful and primarily skirts and dresses. I have branched out into making trousers of late. As I did get a lot of materials a while back I have been looking for inspiration. And where do I look?

I actually think the the Sartorialist book is fun. I find myself noticing different things over time. At some point the color of a garment piqued my interest, this time it’s the cut. But there are a lot of stylish people in there. I also love love love old fashion magazines and don’t mind buying issues of Vogue at the flea market. I don’t know where this pic of Sophie Dahl comes from but I am really into that look. To be fair I have probably always been into that look. A good fashion shoot will be in a sense timeless, I’ve seen Grace Coddington-styled fashion spreads that still feel relevant. It’s not the same things that are trendy, maybe the shoes have a heel that feel out dated but sometimes the accessories or the colors feel “very now”. For me anyways.

There will always be the inspiration from art. I have had several ideas based on Egon Schiele painting but none of them have been executed yet. It will happen at some point.


Tuesday & Tablecloths

My love of curtain fabric will never fade but the next best thing is probably tablecloth. Just like with curtains they are often of a robust fabric, many of them have lovely patterns and there is an abundance of them as they are no longer fashionable. Oh, and they tend to get stains rendering them less usable for the table but ever so good for me.


This is one of my all time fave skirts, if it had pockets it would be perfection but alas not enough fabric.  I use it all year around. The colors (burgundy,beige and a bit of blue) work with a lot and somehow a bohemian skirt is never a bad idea( in fact I have several). It wasn’t exactly as big I needed so there is a bit in the back that is just black( I used something that I had laying around) but as I often wear skirts or sweaters with it nobody notices. And if anyone ever says something the phrase “I upcycled an old tablecloth myself” will be the only response. Most people just admire the fabric and people from Iran will point out that they have something just like that on the table at home, I then show them the stamp on the inside as it is in fact an Iranian tablecloth.


Having made that one, I was given this fabric, also an Iranian tablecloth, which got turned into a summer dress last year. Now that it’s warmer I’m using it again. I’ve noticed that I probably should take it in as the fabric has become looser and softer with use. Blue and white is a great combo, I often add a belt of some sort for definition and a pop of color as I like it.


This is an old skirt that I have gotten a fair bit of use out of. Its linen and judging by the colors probably from the 70’s. I made a 50’s design because when I hade taken away the damaged pieces (those stains wouldn’t budge I tell you) the design of the weave lent itself to it. I am thinking about making it into a pencil skirt right now as it’s something that I would have more use of probably, given what else is in my closet at the moment. I do however love wearing it with a white shirt and some sea green accessories or neutral shoes and a hot pink clutch which is such a nice contrast. In my world orange is a neutral.


7 things to print on a t-shirt(or other)

So witty text printed or embroidered on something is a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. T-shirts,pouches or pillows, the sky is the limit. And that pleases me to no end as I’m a huge fan. I even make my own even though Lingua Franca and Lisa Macario are the the coolest chicks doing it. The latter has one that says “lipstick literature liberalism”. I made one that says “Books Negronis Lipstick”. One of the few times I didn’t go all in with alliteration (as I’m otherwise wont to do).

So what’s next? I’ve been thinking about what to make as a statement on a shirt for fall. It is possible that some of these have already been made by someone else (and please let me know if that is the case). I haven’t decided if I am gonna print or embroider. I do really well with a needle and thread and have made modern proverbs on fabric for friends in the past.

1.Mrs. President. I saw a woman with the words “Mr President” on a sweater the other day. It may have been from one of previously mentioned ladies. But as many seem to have a hard time getting their head around the idea of a female president why not have it on a t-shirt? If people see it enough times they will (hopefully) get used to the idea. (delusional thinking on my part, and mostly to do with wanting to fly my feminist colours high and wide).

2. Whatever Trump tweets next. I’ve seen so many “covfefe” memes that have been spot on that I’m just waiting for a brainfart from that man and I’m joining in. Which might be counterproductive.

3. Oh, I call everyone darling. It’s a truth universally acknowledged that I’m shit with names so just walking around with a disclaimer seems like a good idea. I do however remember peoples allergies and cocktail preferences. My brain famoulsy only memorizes the important things.

4. Really?. I say this a lot, and sarcastically so. It would save having to say anything, I could just point at the word and question mark on my chest. Might not be a great friend maker though.

5. Byron is bae. Or possibly Byron is the new black. He is everywhere and he brings drama. I should create an excel-file for all the Byron mentions in books and bring you the stats at the end of the year, and stats there will be, trust me. That would also be the nail in the coffin for the expression “bae”.

6. Chewbacca has hairy legs too you know. I do often shave my legs but really every woman should chose for herself if and why. Why the sight of hairy legs is the worst thing to some men but Chewbacca is the BFF they all want makes little sense. (Of course it makes sense in accordance to a patriarchal logic, rationality is context dependent and you can convince yourself of anything as long as you ignore facts or actually think something though. I know that, previous statement was an attempt, however feeble, to be funny).

7. Cocktail witchery. After all it’s one of my favorite things.