7 things to do with teapots

It’s a known fact that I have a weakness for teapots. I have about a dozen at this point, in different sizes and qualities. They are a very good thing to have around for a number of purposes. Let me list a few.

1. Serve tea; this one is self-explanatory I guess. But I really do advocate making a pot of tea if possible as it tastes so much better than making a cup.

2. Serve cocktails; this old speak-easy trick is a conversations starter,mood enhancer and hostess helper. A punch, or a drink with lower alcoholic content i.e. something based on champagne, is easy to make ahead and thus create more time to socialize, if that’s what you want to do. Something like a French 75 is a good idea.

3. Use as a vase or flower pot; it does look very charming I think.



4. Make Lampshades; I realize that I’m the only one nutty enough to make lampshades out of teapots but just putting a garland of lights in one made of delicate china is very nice, as it will give off a very cosy glow in the dark.


5. Organize; using teapots to store either kitchen utensils or a rather large collection of brushes and pens is something I’ve done more then once in life. It is very stylish, especially if all the teapots are in the same colour ( and but that I mean blue and white;  no matter what style or patter they look fresh together).

6. To water plants; this one came out of necessity but it does add a certain glamour to the rather mundane proceedings of making sure the pelargoniums don’t wilt.


7. Carry as a handbag; I’ve only seen this in photos but designer Bea Szenfeld is my hero. Someday I will do this.