Weekend&What I managed to snag from the ErdemxHM collection


I can’t really believe it either; I got up early yesterday and made it by an H&M before getting on with my day. And then at the end of the day I went back for another bout of shopping. My bank account probably thought is was “mad, bad and dangerous to know”. But I’ve earned that money and I rarely shop anyways. Yes, I have thoughts on H&M (and the efficacy of their sustainability work) but more importantly the effects of overconsumption in which I think there is an individual responsibility. However, the things I bought will most certainly be used and I have high hopes in terms of quality.


I rarely get excited about these designer collaborations, I watch from afar and have snagged a few pieces over the years. A few things have also been picked up second-hand, it’s not always hysterical prices on eBay and similar sites, the prices there are not always outrageous. I have also used a few of those pieces until they fell apart (as I’m wont to do). I did find a Stella MacCartneyxHM coat in perfect condition in a consignment store once, I regret not buying that as it was very nice, especially for 1000 kr (and how had kept it like that for what? 10 years?). I personally think that the long-term collectors value of these pieces is somewhat overrated, but I might be wrong. Short term though? the hype kicks in and people get a little crazy.

I had forgotten how poorly I handle situations where a sort of plebiscite mentality is the norm, and even encouraged. It started to come back to me when I was standing outside, and the queue wasn’t that long, so I could hear the staff start to clap their hands and count down very loudly to create excitement. A few people rushed in, but most of us very like “chill staff, we are trying to shop”. But there were a lot of shoppers and I had enough very quickly. Taking something to try on was out of the question. I bought a few things; scarf, socks and sparkly brooch, and then left.


However my eyes on the town sent a message that there was quite a few things left in store in the afternoon, and not much of a crowd, so off I went.

Ended up trying on several things (as witnessed by my changing room selfies). Ended up with one dress (not included) and the trousers. I will think of the coats fondly, because I love a nice coat, but the first was a bad fit on me all things considered (and I really would prefer a homemade leopard print kimonojacket) and the latter was just too big. I need a cool blogger life for that to be useful. Now I will spend all my time trying to find the blazer coordinating with the trousers. And wearing that brooch on everything (everything!).





Thursday&Trend alert!

I’m gonna bring up The bear and the nightingale one last time and then I’ll stop. But this cover, which is from the hardback that came last year, must have been on the tables of many creative spirits because a quick browse in the shops (when I was looking for jeans and a shirt of the sustainable kind) was like seeing this cover all over.

These are some of the items I found that would make excellent camouflage, and that’s not bringing up all the items that could match it “in spirit” if not outright; I’m talking about blue brocade, Russian style coats, plenty of fur (fake of course but still glamorous). Dressing trendy this season means pretending you are a woman traveling on the Tran-sibirian Railway between Moscow and Beijing as it would be if Chanel made a commercial of it (and pretended that it was the 20s). I also went by a shopwindow and saw children clothes that would also have looked good next to this cover, although I don’t think they should read the book.

This is making me want to shop floral dresses something awful, which obviously is the last thing I need right now. I should however buy my own copy of this book as I will probably want to read it again and again, and look at the cover for inspiration.



Hump-day & Haberdasher


The other day I went to the haberdasher. No really, I go to the old-fashioned kind of place when it comes to buying buttons, zippers and what not. I cherish their interiors, their service and most of all their superior selection. The agony of choice that is the result of being able to choose between five different kinds of beaded trimming is a delicious one. So what did I end up buying?

  1. Brown fake suede elbow patches. So that I could patch up my cashmere sweater, again. I liked the clash of colour.
  2. Same sort of patches, but grey. To try to save another cashmere sweater. I prefer fake suede/fabric patches because they are more supple. On a jacket I might put fake leather but on a cardigan I want it to be soft.
  3. Buttons. I needed new ones to change on a jacket I have (one of the current ones broke so I have to replace all of them). It’s also a very easy way to upgrade the look of an outer garment.  Old buttons from beloved coats that have been worn to shreds have been turned into pins, I like wearing them together on my lapel.
  4. A big safety-pin. You know the kind to use on kilts? I also use one on my “blanket kimono jacket”. I had one before and it went back and forth between the two items and that was a recipe for disaster really. But having such a pin is a good thing in general, it’s a very nice way to quickly transform look of say a chunky knitted cardigan, to close it with a pin and make it a lot tighter, instead of using a belt or the buttons.
  5. A big sequined tiger patch. This will be used to cover up the stains on a nice sweater and I guess it will be just off trend enough (I’m talking about the Gucci-look of the last few seasons, for me to be able to wear that someone said is on the way out) for me to be able to wear it. This is an old trick of mine; was I love both light tops and Spaghetti Bolognese but refuse to wear a bib then I will forever be plagued but tomato sauce stains. My solution is this sort of cool patch that can easily be sewn on to a garment and thus prolong it’s life, and when the item does have to be retired then the patch can move on to another garment. Can obviously be used for an upgrade of an item that has no stains but just feels a bit worn and tired. I’m a big fan of floral or bird patches and try to buy them when I can. This is trendy right now as I saw Other Stories are seeking a set of small iron on patches.
  6. Silk thread. This is for a particular project and the thread as such is no different from the silk thread from the “big sewing shop” but it comes on an old-fashioned wooden roll and it’s just so nice.
  7. Some nice grosgrain ribbon. Some of it is for a secret project but mostly I find that the sort of 3 centimeter wide grosgrain ribbon in a crazy colour, put together with a pin of the sparkly kind, as a kind of belt, is a great way to put a bit of “pop” to an outfit, generally a dress. And when I tire of lime green (which is never gonna happen) I can use it for wrapping presents or tying all my dust bags. Also potential cat toy.

All of my clothes are falling apart, as I keep complaining, but this was probably the last round of trying to patch some of these items up. With the cashmere there is also other parts that are worn thin and not as easy to repair. It’s like when jeans rip at the on the inside of the thighs, there is no getting around that repairing them will make them uncomfortable but you cannot wear them otherwise. My two pair that I had to retire latest have been cut up actually and I’m planning on using parts of them for a jacket, we’ll see how it goes. But I also feel that from now on it is time to let go of things as they fall apart (HA! not gonna happen. Sentimental fool this one).


7 things for October (and the rest of fall really)


So here we are; already October. Fall is in full swing and by “in full swing” I mean more rainy days than not, leaves that go from a wonderful red to a rather unflattering brown and that week of desperation towards the end of the month when it’s all dark and gloomy but too early to start making Christmas plans to cheer things up. Here are seven things that will get me through the month, and probably beyond, in no particular order.

  1. Reading The Tale of Genji. It is finally happening, the reading has begun and it’s exciting, inspiring and it’s 1400 pages long so I’m gonna have something to do when staying in.
  2. Feeling warm in my knitted kimono jacket. This is not something I made recently but this is the time of year that I bring it out, plum-coloured goes with this season like “whoa”.
  3. Scenting myself with Accord Oud from Byredo. I’m seven years to late to the Oud-game, and lord knows I have tried a lot of them on. As I used my samples last month I was, much to my surprise, taken by this one. I don’t even know how I ended up with a sample of it to begin with. “Never say never” is the moral of the story.
  4. Wearing my double monk strap shoes. I think I got my first monkstraps when I was twelve and I had waged a campaign to get them, it’s a kind of shoe I really like. But it can be hard to find a pair that fits my feet. The boy’s department might have something from time to time but they are often too wide. Every now and again I come across a pair in the women’s department. On the top of my double monk wish list you will always find brown suede ones but a pair of funky black ones with a bit of fake snake it just the kind of thing that works with 90% of my closet (as it is a cabinet of curiosities TBH). With these shoes being the foundation of my outfits I will prioritize short tight skirts paired with very clean-cut shirts and sweaters.
  5. Applying red lipstick. At the moment I’m back on the Chilean sunset from Victoria BeckhamxEstée Lauder but that is subject to change, when it comes to red lipsticks I’m a slut. But honestly this particular lipstick looks good with the plum kimono and that.
  6. Painting my nails in a dark red. This particular one is called Bordeaux and I also bought a so-called gel like top coat. It does give a nice finish though, but is still easy to take off.
  7. Checking the time on my watch and not being bloody distracted by my phone. This is not the watch I have dreamt of, it is not even a watch I really want but it’s a watch that is a reasonable size and that I can live with. I prefer leather bands to start with but finding a watch that is small enough for my wrists at a price that is small enough for my current budget is tricky. So this is my compromise for now, a Casio.

What do you do to get through October?


Cover-loving & Colour-blocking


Get used to this cover because you will be seeing it a lot the next few months. I’m really excited about reading this book and this cover brings together some of my favorite colours, and provided me with a template for an outfit.

I am currently obsessed with a few things actually, but a nice grey unstructured winter coat is very high on that list. Or like why don’t I have a grey cashmere kimono jacket already? That would also work really well for me. Or both. My grey in the mix was my big old grey scarf that has been taken out of storage and been used a fair bit because the mornings have been on the cold side. I did not have red trousers (although I have had some in the past and contemplated many more.) Pink blouse? Check. Although falling to pieces because of poor quality and intense “wearage”. And then that green!! Love it! This jacket is one of my fave pics of clothing and I swear, it goes everything. The skirt you see me wearing in this rather unflattering  photo (but still the best of the ones I took: I only go into Zara to take sefies nowadays) is made of an old dress that a friend bought for a fancy dress party. Welcome to my life; where friends ask me to help them make thrashed second-hand dresses into outfits and “pay me” by letting me have the outfit when they have thrashed it some more. IMG_4492

A totally fair deal by the way. Some of my best pieces of clothing has been made of fabric people intended to throw away. This has got a bit of shimmer to it, gold speckles.

In addition to preaching the usefulness of an absinth green jacket I will also tell you that I have found that a red necklace is a very useful accessory. I say the more ethnic looking, the better. I had one for years, it was painted wood and I literally had to touch up the colour on it (with nail polish) from time to time because it wore off I used it so much. Then one day it gave up. This is my replacement for now. I need something a little less dazzling and a bit chunkier I think.Over all this outfitr had great colours, and they looked excellent worn together like this.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to me, or anyone, that this combination of colours got me going.


Exhibit A: I’ve had this on my wall for like to years now and I bought it for a reason. I have one dress that I made before buying this that I have already showed you. Now that it’s a bit colder I’ve brought out another crazy creation in the same colour scheme, but this has a bit of wool in it so I only wear it fall/winter.

Exhibit B: This dress also has purple in it so it goes with everything. The red is really a tomato red, same as with the skirt, but oddly enough it’s a shade that works for me. So the dress, again sorry for the bad picture, is pretty basic three-quarter arm, it’s got pockets because when I make dresses and skirt I try to make them with pockets when I can. This fabric is very nice and soft, something that my mum found in a drawer somewhere. It may come from a flea market. What you cannot see in this pic is that there is a 10 centimeter trim on the bottom, in the same fabric but flipped around so the pattern goes against the rest of the dress which is a very nice contrast actually. I should wear like a pink coat with this dress is what I’m thinking now, or a pink cardigan. I always need a cardi.

So yeah, a lot of crazy colours going on. In patterns or individually, I just bring it to the max with these ones,  and I have a feeling that some of this might actually be trendy right now, like pink and red together, I saw that in Vogue. I need a pair of red trousers, I think tomato red culottes would look awesome on me. I also kick myself for not buying the tomato red Filippa K dress that I tried on a few years ago. I have regretted that many many times. I also need to go out and buy a new  pink blouse because I don’t know how to dress without having one on hand. The light grey coat might happen. Although mostly I’m excited that it’s gotten a bit colder, I have shifted the items in my closet and some of my dearest dresses are back in rotation. I’ve missed them.




Fashion inspiration comes from all over in my case but as I’ve mentioned many times before, books more often than almost anything else. It’s a cover, a description or a phrase.

The colours are ones she has never been in the habit of wearing-oxblood, mustard, jade- and Mrs Chappell thinks she cannot quote like it, what with such hectic colour in the girl’s cheeks and lips, such spark in her eyes; everything about her seems brighter, sharper, fuller.

The quote is from The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock that I read (and blogged about) the other week. It has stayed with me as I often say of books i.e. I have thought about it, drawn inspiration from it, gone back and looked at the pages. In this case I had underlined the words in my first reading so had no trouble finding it.

This isn’t about inspiration to try something new for me but rather a coming together of some of my favorite shades (some of which are trendy this season) that I already wanted to wear. In some cases all at once.

This skirt in raw silk (or possibly silk-cotton blend) with embroidery in mustard and oxblood is in my top ten fave skirts. I wear it all year round, with a white blouse and sandals  in summer and darker colours in winter. Just shimmery enough to work day or night. The fabric was a gift from India and it has made me so happy.


When people think “jade” they often limit the colour to one pale green shade, which I guess is correct in a “colour code” kind of way. However in reality jade is the word used for both “jadeite” and “nephrite”, minerals that exist in a variety of shades in mostly green but also shades of purple. I tend to think of it as either that intense green of this skirt or that lovely pale version , very art deco related, which is a hairsbreadth away from Eau de Nil or mint (love all those shades actually).

My beloved jacket also qualifies as jade if I’m generous. My nails are in the shade Bordeaux which is pretty much oxblood and they will be so for many weeks to come; I go through one bottle of polish at a time usually. The skirt is part Lacroix fabric that was left over from when a friend reupholstered a few chairs (I helped and considered the scraps  payment, after all “it’s Lacroix sweetie“) and then trimmed with a bit of leather from when I helped another friend shorten a skirt. Waste not, want not. This does look much nicer with a heel but for running errands I put those in the bag and wore my sneaks. There is a bit of yellow in this skirt and looking at what I’ve been wearing lately, and all the lovely mustard coats in the shops, I’m tempted to buy one. For now though I have a few projects lined up as I went through my closet this weekend, trying to organize, see what needs mending and figure out what of to wear.


Weekend and what Hogwarts house to dress as this season?

I have Harry Potter “top of mind” right now. It’s the celebration of it being 20 years since the first book was published, it has been around a lot on “the gram” and in the media so apparently it lodged itself firmly in my subconscious. And then Snyder mentioned it which was just great, now I cannot get the idea of a reread out of my head. I blame this for the way I look at clothes right now because there is a Hogwarts theme to outfits and potential purchases.


It started with this thing on Monday. snake-skin print skirt I made myself the other year, good ol’ black top and my trusted green jacket. Not a bad look I think but then someone said to me “Got a bit of Slytherin going on today have you?” which made me look in the mirror again and realize that I was indeed wearing the Slytherin colours and snake print to boot, their symbol is a snake after all.


And later that day I was going through my phone trying to delete photos (as to not use up all the memory) I found the ones I had taken while trying on outfits at Zara. I was primarily looking for a fall coat and this bronze-ish number was something I tried with a blue top underneath. I was never planning on wearing them together but now that I had my Potter-spectacles on I could see that I was essentially dressing in Ravenclaw colours. In the book they have blue and bronze, had I worn an eagle pin on the lapel the outfit would have been complete (note to self; buy eagle pin). In the movies they changed the colours to blue and silver for whatever reason. Which makes me think that all Ravenclaws use Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche as their signature scent, because the bottle it comes in matches the house colours (note to self; maybe Rive Gauche would be a nice scent for me).


Another thing I tried was this yellow coat. It was in the other end of the store so different dressing room, one not so good for photo-ops. And my scruffy sneaks should be ignored. Wearing yellow with black is a bit tricky in this town as it is the colors of one of the football teams. I do not care for them ,or any other team for that matter, bit it’s a reference I cannot get away from. But I like the slouchy cut of the coat, and a bit of yellow. I think it’s an underrated color and I’m glad it’s getting a bit of spotlight.


Which brings me to this old saffron blouse from H&m and my homemade wine red coat; on Saturdays we Gryffindor? This is an excellent combo for going out for a cup of coffee with a friend and then running some errands. As I already have this coat, the yellow one will not be needed. So I have something soft and slouchy in a non-neutral but the sharp bronze/brown one would actually fill a gap in my closet (but unfortunately not keep me very warm). I have a soft spot for cobalt blue but will try to find something knitted of better quality. The green jacket I have worn for three years and will continue to do so until it fall apart. Ditto the snake print skirt.

To be fair, when I read the book I always felt that I would not have ended up at Hogwarts but would have preferred Beauxbatons. I need one of those little blue capes, it would complete all my outfits. It really would.