A little something for the road..


You want to be entertained, or informed, on the commute but you don’t have the bag space or patience for a real book? This is something that happens to me frequently and thus I have a list of little things that have made my commute more enjoyable of late or that I think might be an option for you.

  1. My dad wrote a Porno. Pornoday is back! If i ever write a list of “7 things that make Mondays more bearable” the work of Rocky Flintstone and the reading and discussion of said work is on that list. If you aren’t already subscribing then you are missing out. Available wherever you get your podcasts.
  2. On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder. I read this the other year but it is top of mind again as I’v been reading The road to unfreedom. Highly recommend to get this little booklet and inform yourself about how to resist.
  3. No one is too small to make a difference by Greta Thunberg. On the subject of activism, the collected speeches of Greta Thunberg is a reminder to act, and pressure politicians to act, when it comes to climate change. Published by Penguin.
  4. Bartleby the scrivener by Herman Melville. A just brilliant novella that is absurd, thought-provoking and sad. Sublime is the word I used when reviewing it and I stand by that. One of the best things Ive read this year, and the kind of thing that just makes you feel so totally at ease and joyful because it is so good. Find it at your local library or second-hand bookshop.
  5. A witch’s guide to escape by Alix E. Harrow. This short story was something that Life in a cold climate recommended (thank you!) and I pass it on to you. Read it on your phone, be comforted by a story about books and reading.
  6. Have you heard George’s podcast? The award-winning podcast by George the poet has been making waves, and in it’s mix of poetry and drama it has pushed the boundaries of what we expect from podcasts and continued a discussion about race and gender. Looking forward to season two. Available wherever you find podcasts.
  7. The financial times weekend. The actual paper. I do love it but it takes ages for me to get through all of the articles, reviews and interviews in the Life&Art section. I often have a small stack of almost finished issues of FT weekend on my desk, and now and again I just make a push to read them. They weigh little and I can drop them in whatever recycling bin I find on the way. It’s very practical somehow (but a bad idea when it rains obviously).


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