Christmas tipples

I’ve written about the seasonal cocktails many times, so this is basically a round-up with the addition of a few “sketches” for cocktail and stuff that has been tried lately. I hope it is somewhat useful nonetheless.


  1. Gin&Saffron tonic. This is dead simple and I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before. It demands good quality saffron threads which you might have to purchase at a spice specialist or upscale deli, but then you can stick with the old Schweppes for the tonic. Buy a0,5 liter bottles with a screw off lid. Open the bottle, add 3-4 threads to the tonic, screw the cap back on and leave in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. It will  have a lovely colour and a clear taste of saffron.
  2. Whiskey sour with gingerbread spicesA syrup with gingerbread spices can be added to many drinks (and coffee too), using it for a whiskey sour is almost fail-safe. And the citrus is at its peak this time of year.
  3. A champagne cocktail with quince brandy.  Making quince brandy is simple and in a few weeks it will be a nice addition to champagne cocktails as well as a nice thing to give away.
  4. All the hot drinks that I wrote about the other day (Glögg, smoking bishop etc.)
  5. A Boulevardier with cold glögg instead of vermouth. A Boulevardier is a Negroni with bourbon instead of gin i.e. a Negroni for the colder months. During Christmas you can play around with making your own vermouth with plenty of spice or just replace it with cold glögg. It can be a very nice thing to sip on.
  6. Glögg with champagne. Or champagne with a dash of glögg. Thus is best made with white wine-based glögg but it is very festive. Don’t forget the orange zest.
  7. Vodka, Cointreau, lashings of lingonberry or cranberry juice and a dash of soda. It is not advance but a vodka and lingonberry spritz has the potential to be very refreshing in that it has a tartness to it, and being liberal with the juice and soda means that it is less alcoholic than a few of the other drinks. Do add several lies of orange and possibly a twig of rosemary.




  1. Suss, thank you thank you thank you: I love your blog (the increasing focus on reducing waste and combating fast fashion, the crafts, the books, the museum tours, the recipes, the whole lot) but it’s your enthusiasm for Christmas and your inventiveness and thoroughness that makes it one of my favourite online places at this time of year.

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