Wednesday&Where do my books come from?

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Back in November Laura at Reading in bed did this thing where she listed where the books she read came from. She in turn got the idea from Pickle Me This.

So apparently one can either a) calculate the stats for the whole year. Which in my case is basically impossible because I gave up Goodreads early on but didn’t bring back my reading journal. I have no idea how much I read in 2017, I just have a feeling that it was more than ever. So I’m going with b) list the latest 30 books I have read and where they have come from.

  1. Bibliotek by Ali Smith. Called “Public libraries” in the english original, this new translation was a gift from the publisher (and got me thinking about this post)
  2. The Mitford Murders by Jessica Fellowes. From the library.
  3. Othello by William Shakespeare. Bought at full price online.
  4. Ten poems about clouds. More a booklet than a book actually. Gift from a friend.
  5. The white book by Han Kang. Library copy.
  6. Bad news by Edward St Aubyn. Bought online at full price.
  7. The noise of time by Julian Barnes. Found in a read cycle bin (like a free library)
  8. Hennes nya namn by Elena Ferrante. Bought in last years book sale.
  9. A collection of Byron’s poetry. A gift from a friend.
  10. Never mind by Edward St Aubyn. Library copy
  11. Astarte by Karin Boye. Bought when they had “take 4, pay for 3” at Akademibokhandeln.
  12. Snobs by Julian Fellowes. Borrowed from my brother.
  13. Den vita rosen by Olga Ravn. Bought when they had” take 4, pay for 3″
  14. Kazuo Ishiguros nobel lecture. A gift from a friend.
  15. Winter by Ali Smith. A Christmas gift.
  16. Blodsbunden by Augustin Erba. Library copy? I think?
  17. Samlade dikter by Edith Södergran. The third book in the “4 for 3”
  18. The girl in the tower by Katherine Arden. The fourth book in the “4 for 3”
  19. Sånt är livet by Rosa Liksom. Bought at last years book sale.
  20. An almost perfect Christmas by Nina Stibbe. Bought, full-price, just before Christmas.
  21. Genghis Khan by Frank Mclynn. “Read-cycle bin”.
  22. Den osynlige väktare by Dolores Redondo. See previous comment.
  23. Madonna in a fur coat by Sabahattin Ali. Sent to me by a friend.
  24. Hur jag lärde mig förstå världen by Hans Rosling. Bought, with a discount.
  25. Anteckningar by Joan Didion. Sent to me by the publisher.
  26. Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. Bought.
  27. Women&Power by Mary Beard. Sent to me by the publisher.
  28. Letters to the lady upstairs by Marcel Proust. Bought (and it was pricey but when it comes to Proust the bookstores can have all my money)
  29. Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu. Bought.
  30. A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens. Bought second-hand.

Fewer library book than I thought but that’s because I got that end of the year bug to try to finish books I already had I think, and also I got a bunch of books for Christmas.

When I look at the unread books in my pile they are in total 26 and have a similar spread; 3 library books (those obviously are priority reads), 1 that I won in a give-away, 2 that came to me as a result of being an Augustprize ambassador, 7 sent from publishers, 5 picked up here and there (mind you, I also give to those free libraries), 4 bought and 6 are gifts from friends and family.

Where do your books come from?




  1. I did a “take 4 pay for 3” late last year too! They’re the best. You have a good variety going on. I have wanted to read Snobs since I saw it mentions in one of the Crazy Rich Asians books (maybe the second in the series).

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