7 things to expect from me this Christmas


  1. I’m dreaming of a pink Christmas. It was decided yesterday that the holiday celebrations with the family will not be at my place, and so I feel freer in my choice of decorating scheme. Not that friends and family ever have an opinion, I just try to create a vibe not only for myself. This year though? I’ve always wanted to do a Christmas that was red,white and pink, and now it is happening. The fact that I fell for the Byredo candle, in the red container, that was just icing on the cake.
  2. I’m making a list, I’m checking it twice. I will be making a lot of list from now to the 24th of December; best holiday cocktails (having a variation on a drink with saffron in the pic as research), best books to give a presents, more giftguides; in short all of the lists. Any list in particular you want me to write?
  3. A partridge in a pear tree anyone? One of the few things I’m good at is buying presents for others, so make use of my expertise by asking for suggestions in the comments and I will try to help. And as mentioned; gift guides are coming.
  4. Last Christmas (I listened to Wham. I always do).  #sorrynotsorry. This happens every year and has done so since childhood. Except that year that Sam Smith released a version of “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas”. Really that is your best hope at this point, a new release from Smith, otherwise I will drive you all mad. Just embrace the Wham people.
  5. I don’t feel like myself if I don’t get to watch Elf. I will also happily watch “Love, Actually”. I tell you, I have the cheesiest taste when it comes to this season.
  6. Outpourings of my creativity. This season brings out the best in me creatively, the inspiration is everywhere (I will stare at window displays all day). And now that there is a certain limitation of sorts , a framework I’ve created myself mind you, it’s kicking in big time. I find that having a bit of a constraint will improve my output. Be prepared for possible wreaths, ornaments and why not clothes? (I already have a Christmas skirt I made one year). Lotta Külhorn really is a role model in this.
  7. I will complain about the weather. One of the worst and best things with Christmas is that it happens during the coldest and darkest part of the year. I never seem to learn that it does.




  1. Hi Artfulreader,
    I have a friend who is very hard to buy for this time of the year. She’s picky and doesn’t need more lotions or candles. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Cherre

    1. Hi Cherre,
      I have to admit I’m a little thrown by the idea of anyone having enough lotions and candles. How is that even possible? They are a constant source of joy. But I imagine if she is picky people often give her lotions and candles because they are safe. I will later today (hopefully) upload some old gift guides but here a a few tried favorites; do you have a Hermes store nearby? If so pop by there and ask to buy some “Hermes knotting cards”; they are a set of cards with instructions on how to tie your scarf in several ways, very useful and you can obviously use non-Hermes scarfs (I do). The set of cards usually cost around 150 SEK which is $17 dollars, and you can buy a nice scarf elsewhere as a part of the package. I have bought many a sets at the Hermes boutique here in Stockholm. She might not like candles but does she like perfume? Le Labo is as chic as it get’s and their sample kit is around $25 online. A lovely book? You give no details about her taste but James and Kay Salters “A food lovers book of days” for someone that loves to cook, “The folded clock” by Heidi Julavits for a chic woman of a certain age, Everyone needs Kevin Kwan books to entertain them during the holidays and Peter Mayle “A year in Provence” is a perennial favorite. Look on Etsy for a cool piece of art? A spectacular bottle of bourbon, some Angostura bitters, a pack of nice sugar cubes and a stirring glass so she can make the best old-fashioned? I’m also always in favor of gifts that are an experience; promise to take her to a museum and pay for the admission and some coffee afterwards, theater tickets, movie tickets even; giving them is giving the promise that it will happen, because honestly so many of us talk about the things we want to experience but then the time to do it never comes. Make the time, and make her the gift of taking action to make it happen.

      1. Thank you Suss! Your suggestions were amazing and truthfully, I would never have thought of these. I now have ideas for other friends as well. You are brilliant.

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