7 ways to greet the Christmas season

I cannot contain myself any longer, I declare the Christmas season open!! Obviously the best way is to start small, and then build up slowly, to prolong the enjoyment but also by spreading it out there is less risk of overload I think. Here are seven ways to say “Hello!” to the Christmas season.IMG_5602

  1. Get out the Christmas books. Just having a moment with a coffee and looking in Christmas books (and in my case saved issues of interior design magazines Christmas issues) is a way to get into the spirit and find inspiration.
  2. Visit the florist. There is a certain selection of flowers and plats that go with the season; hyacinths, paper whites, Amaryllis and Helleborus are what comes to mind. They set the tone, this year I think I’m gonna go for all white flowers I think. And some leafy greens like eucalyptus.
  3. Agonize over the Christmas candle. All the fancy labels and a few cheap ones have a special candle this time of year, or a few. This year Diptyque is doing a wonderful series with magic animals on the containers (unicorn! Dragon! phoenix bird!). The unicorn one smells of hinoki, obviously because hinoki is everywhere. I also have my eye on the Byredo candles and feel the “Incense” one and the “Rose water” one are both calling my name. To me, it is very important what candle I have this time of year as I live in a small flat, and to me scents really set the tone. I need to make a decision soon. IMG_5604
  4. Dress thyself in a kitschy sweater. I usually wear a lot of holiday themed tights (a bit of tartan works wonders) but I really want to look like a Christmas tree. Nothing sexier on a man either.
  5. Drink the Gin& saffron tonics. There is a list of holiday cocktails coming for sure but let me remind you of the wonder that happens when adding just a few saffron threads to a tonic bottle with a screw cork/topper and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Saffron tonic is best made with Schweppes and I also encourage you to a dash of something sweet like orange liqueur to it.
  6. Buy big bowls of clementines. The citrus fruit is starting to turn up in stores and it is at it’s best right about now so enjoy. And it looks cheerful to have big bowls of orange goodness on the table.
  7. Listen to holiday music. And when I say holiday music I mean Wham’s “Last Christmas”. I have the cheesiest taste in Christmas music and I’m not even ashamed.




  1. I’m not that motivated this year, as I have very little time and I know I’ll be in Australia come Christmas. But I have already started looking at recipes and I think the interiors theme this year will be Winter Garden or something similar. Dark flowers and opulence. And I agree, Diptyque has struck gold this year.

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