Breakfasting, fast and slow.

When it comes to food and drink my rating of interest goes something like;

1. First and second breakfast.

2. Dinner.

3. Cocktails and crisps.

4. Fika i.e. mid-afternoon coffee and something sweet.

5. Everything else.

There is also a negative rating for that popular phenomena called “brunch”. I mostly object to it because a) brunch is an awful portmanteau and it sounds like you are throwing up when you say it b) All to often it’s just poorly prepared food. c) I’m an early bird so it doesn’t at all chime with my internal clock. But mostly it’s the word that grates me. I famously have no issues with bacon.

I do have a sweet tooth but care very little for desserts and focus mainly on chocolate,salty licorice and cardamom buns. I will at some point share with you the few dessert recipes that I always fall back on because they are easy and make guests happy, On the subject of breakfast however I can go on and on. I could eat breakfast all day(case in point; I just had french toast for dinner).


My current weekday breakfast is Bircher-style müsli or whatever it’s called. Overnight oats maybe. It’s this Swiss style of making it when the müsli is soaked overnight in apple- or orangejuice and then served with yoghurt in the morning( that I had first time on a vist to Berlin). I find this to be a perfect breakfast in summer because it’s cold and refreshing but also keeps me full until elevenses. I prefer apple juice for the soaking, and I use granola as the base. (Granola would be the roasted version, müsli just a mix of things).

I make my own granola, dead easy I tell you. Why people buy ready-made I have no idea. I started out using the recipe from The Rose bakery cookbook and then added bits from other cookbooks and at this point I improvise every time. The base is oats and then I added whatever basically. Great with yoghurt and here is a tip; it makes a great hostess gift if you are going to a party. Impresses the hell out of everyone. Homemade granola in a nice jar is the kind of easy luxury that I love. A recipe for granola can be found here except I don’t use an egg white. Make it a few times and then start adding your own touches. I love apricots and pistachios in mine.

Where was I? Yes, Bircher. You don’t have to make granola and soak it in appleljuice overnight, a mix of oats is fine. A version can be found here (I trust Hugh Formerly-Whiffingpoof or whatever his name is a lot, me not remembering what he is called is because my brain is teflon for names. He really is brilliant).

But if weekdays are all about utilitarian breakfast  with vitamins,fiber and keeping you going all day, then weekends should be all about luxury, and indulgence.


Look no further then the Bread&Butter-pudding with blueberries from Smitten Kitchen. I came across it the other day when procrastinating and I will never look back. You can find it here and I urge you to try it. Why the English eat this as a dessert I have no idea but the also drive on the wrong side of the road so I wouldn’t go to them looking for answers. This is the breakfast of the future.




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