7 ways to procrastinate

It’s Wednesday and what I should be doing is deal with a stack of VERY IMPORTANT THINGS. However I have spent time doing the things listed below, in no particular order. (I get the sense that I’ve written this list before but I probably have. I walk around like a cat on hot tin roof for a while before I really crack on with IMPORTANT THINGS).


1.Read a page turner. Nothing like a book to distract you from what needs to be done. I have had my nose in a Swedish crime novel lately but other good suggestions are The Historian by Elisabeth Kostova, Six of crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo or The Bone clocks by David Mitchell.

2.Catch up with your correspondence. This might also go someway to alleviate a bit of the guilt about procrastinating because ,you know, you are being nice to other people.

3. Check up all those things on the interwebz that you have been meaning to. All of a sudden I have gotten around to tracking down recipes, that Gankin facial massage that someone told me about that I should really do,which you can find here, (and doing it will  help me stave of the inevitable dealing with IMPORTANT THINGS for a few more minutes). I’ve also read all the articles I had bookmarked, sorted my favorite links, watched a few beauty tutorials and changed my wallpaper(or whatever it’s called).

4. Clean the house. Nothing like a looming deadline to make me deal with dishes, a trip to the recycling station and removing cat hair from all surfaces. Which they will never really be rid of but I have really put in effort this time, almost made the sofa clean before she jumped up on it for a nap.

5. Blog. As implied by no.3 the internet is your friend if you want to be distracted. And your foe too I guess. Loads of drafts for posts being produced right now. So.many.list. How many list can a blogger post in a row before it’s weird? (Please don’t answer that)

6. Call your mother and ask her how she is doing. That call takes forever.

7. Stare at the cat while she is sleeping. I do think it’s fair that I annoy her from time to time. She does it to me always, it’s like it’s her reason to live (and she lives for naps. One that I am now trying to make less enjoyable, and failing.).






  1. Love this list! So true and well worded! For me getting out the vacuum cleaner or a colouring book are the ultimate procrastination markers…

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