Monday & Magnum

So I had heard of this thing, and it turned out to be true; there is a Magnum pop-up in Stockholm where you can buy your own personalized Magnum.

So we are talking vanilla ice cream on a stick, not the most glamorous of things. But I had seen pics around IG and I was intrigued by the toppings so I suggested to someone that we should go try them (i.e. I may have been somewhat insistent. OK OK, I confess, I was on a little campaign there).


Because the thing is, that ice cream on a stick with fancy toppings is 50 SEK, about €5, which feels like a lot for a Magnum. But then again people pay almost that for a latte in this town. And a piece of my soul is now the going rate for a decent perfume so economics in this town are skewed. For the price of a Magnum I can get a brand new shirt.  The shirt will last about as long as it takes me to eat the ice cream but still. And I shouldn’t eat regular ice cream to begin with but I have never really taken care of my health so nothing new there.


There is a buffet of toppings, and they all looked nice. I went with salt licorice sprinkles, dried rose petals and meringues. You get to choose which chocolate they dip it in and what they drizzle on top; milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white. I went with the dark for dipping and white from drizzling.

Was it good? Yes. I like this combination of flavours and it will probably result in a very avantgarde Eton Mess in the future. Was it worth it? Taking the price and a bit of stomach ache into the equation, for me it was worth it to do it once just to try.

Find out more here.




  1. pretty cool idea. but Magnum does give me a stomach ache too, every time 😦 I think it’s just too much chocolate.

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