Weekend & Wrap-up

This is me, trying to summarize this month. These little round-ups follow a general pattern but seem to never be exactly the same. I will never include a stat for “cups of coffee drunk” because a)too scary and b) impossible to keep track of. I seem to have a hard time remembering what books I’ve read. But not the good ones.


Books read: something like 12. in my wrap-up on IG the other day I had ten plus a bunch of short stories from Novellix. But I had forgotten to include Helikopterrånet by Jonas Bonnier in the picture. And then, after saying I was probably not gonna finish any more books in July, I started On writing by Stephen King and was completely absorbed. Sometimes exactly the book you need just fall into your lap.

Best books: On writing by Stephen King, Mary by Aris Fioretos and The return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Worst book: I didin’t even finish Witches by Stacey Schiff and that really says it all.

Rereads: One. I read The return of Sherlock Holmes once when I was younger. So much better in the original version, no surprise there.

Most worn perfume: Un jardin sur le Nil from Hermés. No contest. I’ve been trying a few things but in this weather I stick to a classic.

Most worn accessory: sunglasses probably. Which is nice for a change. I’ve also put my birch bag into use. It’s a classic Swedish craft to braid birch bark and make it into baskets and bags. I do adore them. I’ve had one before but managed to break it (in my defense it was worn when I got it). Hopefully I’ll take better care of this one and it will last me a long time.

Clothing ripped: I’ve lost two pairs of jeans, a pair of trousers and a tunic. The lack of jeans is now acute.

Clothing made; I’ve got a few half-finished projects but nothing will be done until Monday so that’s a zero. I did get some new materials and so far I’ve changed my mind about what to do with them a million times.

So that was my July; I have no life just books and coffee. How was your month?





4 thoughts on “Weekend & Wrap-up”

  1. Ah I’ve been curious about Stacey Schiff (she lives in my city for half the year, apparently) but hear such mixed things. Maybe her book on Cleopatra is a better place to start.

    1. Yes, her book on Cleopatra is very good and well worth reading. The book about Véra Nabokov is interesting,and highly detailed, but I felt “Letters to Véra” was a better read and gave more(if that makes any sense). Schiff can loose track ofvthe narrative in a jungle of details, you just end up with a lot of data and no conclusion.

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