Weekend & Wrap-up

This is me, trying to summarize this month. These little round-ups follow a general pattern but seem to never be exactly the same. I will never include a stat for “cups of coffee drunk” because a)too scary and b) impossible to keep track of. I seem to have a hard time remembering what books I’ve read. But not the good ones.


Books read: something like 12. in my wrap-up on IG the other day I had ten plus a bunch of short stories from Novellix. But I had forgotten to include Helikopterrånet by Jonas Bonnier in the picture. And then, after saying I was probably not gonna finish any more books in July, I started On writing by Stephen King and was completely absorbed. Sometimes exactly the book you need just fall into your lap.

Best books: On writing by Stephen King, Mary by Aris Fioretos and The return of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Worst book: I didin’t even finish Witches by Stacey Schiff and that really says it all.

Rereads: One. I read The return of Sherlock Holmes once when I was younger. So much better in the original version, no surprise there.

Most worn perfume: Un jardin sur le Nil from Hermés. No contest. I’ve been trying a few things but in this weather I stick to a classic.

Most worn accessory: sunglasses probably. Which is nice for a change. I’ve also put my birch bag into use. It’s a classic Swedish craft to braid birch bark and make it into baskets and bags. I do adore them. I’ve had one before but managed to break it (in my defense it was worn when I got it). Hopefully I’ll take better care of this one and it will last me a long time.

Clothing ripped: I’ve lost two pairs of jeans, a pair of trousers and a tunic. The lack of jeans is now acute.

Clothing made; I’ve got a few half-finished projects but nothing will be done until Monday so that’s a zero. I did get some new materials and so far I’ve changed my mind about what to do with them a million times.

So that was my July; I have no life just books and coffee. How was your month?






  1. Ah I’ve been curious about Stacey Schiff (she lives in my city for half the year, apparently) but hear such mixed things. Maybe her book on Cleopatra is a better place to start.

    1. Yes, her book on Cleopatra is very good and well worth reading. The book about Véra Nabokov is interesting,and highly detailed, but I felt “Letters to Véra” was a better read and gave more(if that makes any sense). Schiff can loose track ofvthe narrative in a jungle of details, you just end up with a lot of data and no conclusion.

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