Weekend & what I’ve been wearing lately

I got a comment on a previous post, in regards to my bookish fashion, and I get the odd comment about it on IG as well, so let me adress the issue.

Making clothes inspired by book covers is great fun, the thing is it requires inspiration, materials and space. I’m not as inspired by the covers of what I’m reading now, I have a fair amount of material but nothing that matches any books and my closet is filled to the brim with clothes despite a bit of a spontaneous combustion in the end of 2016. In short; I’m making a few things but mostly I’m using the stuff I have. Although every now and again I end up in bookish attire.

These red and white striped trousers are made by fabric I was given by a friend. I’m enjoying them very much, and as I saw my own reflection in the mirror(having used a public mirror to reapply my lipstick) I noticed a similarity with a much loved literary character; The Moomin mum.

IMG_2925In regards to all the other clothes I’ve made(now and before) that is not necessarily bookish; Is there an interest to see those? Should I try to take pictures of myself in mirrors when I can?




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