7 ways to deal with a hangover


1. Listen to Cole Porter

I understand the allure of some Chet Baker but you need something more upbeat to give you energy whilst still being glamorous.

2. Light the scented candles 

Think of this as aromatherapy. While you yourself might not smell great make sure that your surroundings do. If you have a tub and can start the day with a long luxurious bath then good for you, that will probably improve your spirits immensely.

3. Drink copious amounts of tea and water

Nothing new here, I always advocate drinking pots full of tea and many glasses of water. Nothing like a couple of mugs of Earl grey to make you feel human again. This is one of the occasion when coffee doesn’t call my name.

4. Full english breakfast

The eggs,the tomatoes,the baked beans, the bacon and the toast. Heaven on a plate on such mornings. There really is no denying the restorative powers it has.

5. Avoid tight-fitting clothes

Ideally you can lounge around in a nice bathrobe, or in my case a kimono, all day long. Pretend you are Lady Mary of Downton or Sherlock Holmes.

6. Tackel a small household chore

I’m talking about a little sort of the lipsticks or pens, filing away the correspondence, rummaging in the sock drawer and making sure that all socks are in pairs and that odd ones are transferred to the cleaning cupboard to be used when polishing silver. Attacking a small project like that is very good for moral when hung over. Changing the sheets is also an idea.

7. Enjoy the muted state of  self criticism 

As much as I abhor waking up in this state, it does happen as it is not just the alcohol that plays a part but sleeping and eating and life. I sometimes have a head that feels like cotton and an otherwise sloth like behavior. However it is a version of the inhibition of the night before but less so i.e. the inner voice is on mute. I can be surprisingly creative on such days as I don’t have to cross that hurdle of perfectionism, “all my ideas are bs anyways” yada yada, that plays on repeat in my head. That doesn’t mean that I produce greatness in any way, not even when starkly sober and getting over myself, but a state of “flow” can well happen and just like that I have written a little something (like this list, that I will schedule for later in the week)



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