Monday & The Maritime museum

In my effort to visit all the museums in Stockholm that have free admission I took a detour one day and went to the Maritime Museum. I really have no business in that part of town and as someone who’s interests in the maritime is limited to sailor caps, I’m not sure what I was doing there.


I have been once before actually; they’ve actually had free admission for a long time (their own initiative) and there was an exhibit about “Sailors and sex” that I went to. A very good exhibit actually about how human relations are onboard a ship, about prostitution in ports and also what happens when the sexuality isn’t of the norm i.e. female sailors or the belonging to the LGBTQ community. I remember a nice arty movie by British director Peter Greenaway. No such luck this time.

The temporary exhibit is about how people like to get portraits of their ships. #shipfie if you like. It did nothing for me. Taking a tour of the permanent collection is fun though; they used to make actual models of all the ships in the navy, some of them quite big and there is the story(and a part of a replica) of an 18th century yacht that belonged to the king.

In short; the best parts are the bistro and the shop in my opinion.

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    1. I don’t know about. I guess it’s also what you make of it? I have gone there of my own free will, trying to learn and be inspired. Under those circumstances it’s easy to be entertained and interested.

      1. Understood. I just love the fact that European history has a longer written history to draw from than here in the Midwest. There are many great museums here, don’t get me wrong, something romantic about Europe, however.

      2. And Sweden doesn’t have that much to be honest, but we are good at curating and displaying; and with fewer object the get to shine and the storytelling becomes the focus. I’ve been to The Hermitage in St Petersburg and like the Louvre and everything is a masterpiece and after just a few rooms your head is swimming. But yeah, I get what you mean; it is different looking at paintings from the period of the french revolution and then walk out onto the streets where it all happened and stuff like that.

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