Weekend & Wonder woman

As probably the last person alive I went to see Wonder woman the other day, a nice break during a hectic week and in some ways, the calm before the storm (Midsummer festivities are a big thing up here and the weather is always bad so to some degree that storm was literal).


What did I think?

I liked it. It was entertaining; it’s visually enticing, the acting is good and it comes together in a nice way. I did not have the almost religious experience as someone I know who basically started crying as she was so glad to see a woman being an action hero and nothing but( and this is a thing apparently?).

Although there are shots of her actual butt, let’s not pretend that Gal Gardot is anything other then a gorgeous woman and as she is the protagonist she is in the frame a lot of the time. Not a bad thing though but some want this to be the ultimate feminist movie and it isn’t. A huge improvement on many action movies out there undoubtedly and it has shown that a woman can most certainly direct a huge Hollywood blockbuster, and that having a female protagonist isn’t a hindrance.

As I was so late in seeing this I have very little to add to the conversation but would encourage anyone to go see it.

Other opinions on Wonder woman;

About the crying

Vanity Fair’s take

Why it’s not a feminist victory for everybody 

A feminist defense 



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