Saturday&shrieking with laughter

IMG_2257 (1)

About a year after everyone else I have finally started listening to, and doubling over of laughter because of, My dad wrote a porno.

Basically a man, known only by his pen name Rocky Flintstone, wrote an erotic novella. His son ended up creating a podcast, where he reads a chapter every week and discusses it with two friends. The erotic novella, called Belinda Blinked, is a great conversation starter; with any book that hasn’t passed under the eyes of a thorough editor there are inconsistencies to pick apart. In this case, a book that is self-published without a big literary ambition, there is also the choice of words, the repetition of words and the rather severe misunderstandings of the female anatomy that is the fodder of some wonderful banter (sidenote; do not try to grab the cervix!!). I’ve laughed so hard listening to the first season, asking myself why I haven’t listened to this before now. Sadly it’s very unsuitable for public transport because of the constant laughing out loud.The upside of being the last person to start listening to this is the joy of binge-listening, which makes cleaning and mowing the lawn much more enjoyable.

More information and episodes can be found on there webpage here.

Has anyone else listened to it?



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