Stella McCartney is a designer I admire but actually don’t own anything by. Which is nothing personal, I don’t own much in terms of designer wear actually. But she has a cool style and there are a few things that I’ve seen over the years that I wouldn’t mind owning, but for a lack of funds or not being quick enough before they sell out, I don’t. However I can still use it as a source of inspiration.

IMG_2166 (1)

The picture to the left, found on, features a striped top, a terracotta coloured bag and a pair of botanical print culottes from Stella McCartney. I’m wearing a striped top I made of some fabric my mum found in drawer somewhere, a pair of terra-cotta suede shorts that I have no idea why I bought the other year (I’v barely worn them as they are too short. No really) and to top it of I’ll be walking around with Blodsbunden by Augustin Erba which has  a botanical print cover; it is one of my most anticipated summer reads.





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