La Colombe

Speaking of rosewater syrup have I told you about the time I won a cocktail competition? They are rarely open to amateurs but as it was hosted by a bar and they allowed submissions from anyone, I sent them a recepie and won. My drink was featured on the menu for a week or so.

I still think it’s a nice tipple, and very suitable for this time of year. The inspiration was the classic Paloma with tequila and pink grapefruit juice but made like a French 75, and I added a bit of that rosewater syrup that I had become, and still am, so fond of. “Paloma” means dove in Spanish, “colombe” is the french word for the same bird. So there was a bit of wordplay involved in naming it. Make sure all ingredients are chilled before making it.

La colombe; yields one drink

2 cl of rosewater syrup

3 cl smokey tequila

3 cl pink grapefruit juice

6 cl champagne

for serving;

A reasonable glass, I prefer flutes but I totally get the allure of serving this in a tumbler.

  1. Pour syrup,tequila and juice in the glass and give it a stir so they blend.
  2. Top up with champagne.
  3. Enjoy responsibly.

You can use prosecco, and dilute it more with the sparkly stuff on a warm day but there should be distinct flavours, and these are wonderful together.

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