7 things I do on the first of the month

I’m forever trying to simplify life, and be organized. Not there 100% yet but routine is a good thing. Not having to think about things, but doing them almost automatically, means less things to juggle. I’ve been an adult for quite some time now, soon I’ll start acting like it too.


  1.  Make sure the bills are paid; This one has never been a problem. I actually go through my stack of bills when I get paid, authorize transfers and all that boring stuff. Then I save the paperwork I need in a binder, and then I don’t have to think about it for about 30 days.
  2. Change your toothbrush; My dentist is adamant about this. People don’t change their toothbrushes often enough apparently, and then the brushing isn’t as effective. Good thing to do it on a particular day, makes it easier remember.
  3. Stock up on coffee; forever failing on this one. Must learn to buy three packets or cut down on coffee(not gonna happen). Standing in the kitchen realizing there is nothing in the coffee tin is not pleasant. And buying to much take-away coffee is a waste of money. And I say that as someone who loves having a cup of take-away in my hand for some reason.
  4. Buy toilet paper; The kind of thing you really don’t want to find you have run out of, because if you do, it’s too late.
  5.  The female necessities; whatever you use, and in my case I also need to make sure to have migraine meds. Just make sure you have what you need if you are a woman of fertile age.
  6. Polish your shoes/clean your sneakers/check the heels; or maybe I just have a look at them and see if any of them  need some love from me or the cobbler down the street. I don’t want to start doing that on my way through the door. It’s also a cause for stress to find that the particular pumps I want to wear are worn down.
  7. Sharpen your knives; Knives do need to get professionally sharpened once in a while but giving them a quick sharpening with the stone that came with them or an automatic sharpener make a world of difference. Knives in good knick makes cooking easier, dull blades will slow you down and increase the likelihood of injuries. It takes five minutes to give them all a sharper edge.




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