Fashion victims

I will not get on my soapbox again in the matter of unethical behavior in the supply lines that underpin parts of the fashion industry, or start rambling about how people throw away clothes to easily. I will however inform you that I have read two books on the subject, both in Swedish.


These two books are basically identical except they look at different regions. Overdressed-the shockingly high price of cheap fashion by Elisabeth Cline is still the one I recommend to most as it is in english, and it was one of the first. I have never been one of the biggest consumers of “fast fashion”, having been dressed weirdly since forever and on and off made my own clothes etc. but I am concerned about what it’s doing to our planet and it’s people. However it is not for me to judge (but maybe I do, a little, in secret if I’m honest). I  try to be creative, and encourage others to be so as well. Sewing isn’t that hard but you need a sewing machine obviously which makes it difficult for some. I have one, and it is a joy. My mum recently gave me an old silk floral print blouse that was worn out. As she is bigger than me I managed to make a top of it; the simplest of designs really, as a print this busy doesn’t need much.


Worn here with a floral patterned skirt. Florals look good with florals oddly enough. The skirt is also of my own make, with fabric that was gift from someone that had visited China. As I have made you look at it you are victims to my fashion. Now I just need a part to go to so this ensemble gets some circulation.

*Cue Miranda Priestly voice* “Florals for spring? Groundbreaking”



2 thoughts on “Fashion victims”

  1. Love this post. I am also appalled at the high cost of fast fashion and I try to buy as much second-hand clothing as possible to upcycle. Despite having a sewing machine, my sewing abilities are fairly pitiful.

    1. I’ve done a fair bit of research and there are a bunch of brands out there doing great things, and most small fashion labels are better by default(different business model). But I try to be creative, it’s in my DNA.

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