End of winter- empties

In the last few weeks we have gone from winter (we had snow on May 10th) to summer (May 20th) and sometime around there I used up the last of several things that have gotten me through winter. I can’t stress this enough; I’m not a beauty or skincare blogger. But I have skin, and I care about it etc.


  1. Vaseline intensive aloe sooth

One thing I’ve learned about having dry skin is that it’s not necessarily about the product, it’s about the routine. Better to buy a cheap but still reasonable bodylotion, and there are several on the market, and then make sure you use it everyday. This is one that I often find at the discount store and I’m very fond of it.

2. Almond oil

In addition to the lightweight bodylotion I go in with almond oil at times, the heavy artillery so to speak. This is available from Swedish pharmacies and is better then the Other stories body oil, but at a third of the price. The bottle isn’t as nice obviously. That is part of what you pay premium for. Or you can do like me and just hide things in the bathroom cabinet.

3. Vichy Aqualia Thermal

Love this pure and simple. It works very well for me as I have combination skin on my face and the difference between t-zone and cheeks is aggravated by harsh weather. Since this is so light weight I can basically put a bit extra on my cheeks to even out. Layering serum is probably wrong/blasphemy/idiotic but whatever. It works for me and I can adjust for the level of winter wonderland we have on any particular day.

4. Flagrant délice by Terry de Gunzburg

This lovely fig and almond scent is sweeter than what I usually like but as it is also quite discrete. I enjoy wearing it on cold days as it is a mood enhancer and almost like being wrapped in a cosy blanket.

5. Dry fast top coat by Seche Vite

I don’t wear nail polish that often, especially not in winter as the weather wrecks havoc with my nails. But if I do, I need a good fast drying top coat because otherwise it will smear as I’m impatient and will probably  put on mittens or gloves and ruin it otherwise. This is the best, with the notable exception of the spray on top coat that used to be available abroad. I suspect that it was an environmental hazard and probably a human one as well but I will tell you; for a while there I had some lovely colourful nails and not a smudge as far as the eye could see.



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