Honour among thieves


I did need something to get my mind of things and for that fantasy and YA is just the thing. I did enjoy Six of crows not long ago and it is a testament to how much I liked it that I read the follow-up. I’ve begun several series over the last year but not made it beyond the first installment.

Crooked kingdom is then the further adventures of our favorite dregs from the barrel; Kaz, Inez, Jesper, Nina, Wylan, Mathias and now they have Kula-wei Bo to add to the gang. And there are guest appearances by Jespers father, assorted crooks, legend Grisha and enemies; old and new.

It really is like reading an action movie, and I was royally entertained (*wink wink*). I’ve become very fond of the gang and wouldn’t find a third book actually…




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