My reading of graphic novels ebbs and flows. It’s all about access. I used to pass by the library of graphic novels here in Stockholm quite often at one point as it was along my route but not anymore. So they are a rare occurrence in my book diet these days but it happens.


Vei, also known as Veicomics, is the result of a collaboration between Sara Elfgren and Karl Johansson. Elfgren is known to a wider audience for The Circle-trilogy that she wrote with Mats Strandberg. Excellent books about teenage witches, the end of the world and small community in Sweden.

In Vei, which is  the name of the protagonist, we are thrown into a series of events starting with Vei floating in the ocean to the point where she has to show her warrior skills in duels to the death. All this takes place in a world inspired by Nordic mythology very well drawn by Johansson.

I’m not smitten sadly although I found it very enjoyable. I think Saga, that I caught up on a while back, has ruined me for other graphic novels. If you want epic stories with strong female characters then Saga is still your best bet, also because this is only available in Swedish so far.



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