The power of a sour

I’ve been working my way through my bar cart, trying to use up odd liqueurs and spirits gathered during my days as a cocktail blogger. My aim is to rebuild my bar to suit less nerdy needs. One thing has become abundantly clear; lemon juice is the great balancer*.

It’s not a panacea but citrus,-floral- and berry liqueurs with some gin and lemon juice makes a great cocktail. It’s been an endless parade with twists on the old White lady. That weird citrus liqueur that you bought on holiday? Brilliant! Old dusty bottle of Amaretto? bring it! Some homemade elderflower liqueur that didn’t end up as intended? Tastes great.


That last one is mine actually; the other year I made elderflower liqueur, and didn’t watch what I was doing and somewhere in-between the rhum I based it on and putting to much of the stems in there, it turned out more herbaceous that floral. Not necessarily bad or anything, just not as intended. So it’s been standing on the back of the bar cart , I can’t really put it in any cocktails as it has a unique flavor. Until now.

Strega,Amaretto,experiments and limoncello. They all work with the same basic concept. Liqueurs are very sweet so they need that dash of gin and the lemon juice but then you are pretty much good to go. Don’t do this with any amaro as they will curdle(I have a trick for that too;it’s called the Café Pushkin flip and well get to it at some point) nor any pastis like substance.

A white lady-twist;yields 1 cocktail 

3 cl of what have you. See above.

2 cl of gin

2 cl lemonjuice

1 egg white

for serving;


  1. Shake ingredients in an ice-filled shaker until cold.
  2. Pour into glass.
  3. Serve and enjoy responsibly.

And it’s as simple as that. If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll help you the best I can.


*Words chosen for effect. I knew this and have know it for a long time. Just haven’t shared my expertise in this forum.


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