Weekend & wrap-up


April is coming to an end, although winter still has us in a tight grip. As I’ve started A place of greater safety by Hilary Mantel which will take me well into May I decided to do my wrap-up now. These are my monthly stats;

Books read; 10. All of which were good or great. I loved Augustus by John Williams and look forward to reading Butcher’s crossing soon. Six of crows and Stet were both books that I very much enjoyed, as was the book by Gessen. I do enjoy reading different things and this month was a nice mix, also in terms of language. The only reading goal I had this year was to read more in Swedish and that I have done. I also managed to finish the Ferrant book and will read the second when I have time to really get in to it.

Re-reads; 0, all new to me this time, despite being a notorious re-reader.

Most worn perfume; L’ombre dans L’eau by Diptyque followed by Flagrant délices by Terry de Ginzburg on cold days(then I need that sweetness).

Accessory watch; It’s been all about the cameos this month. Have not found a third pin sadly but after posting about Jewels-a secret history I dug out my aquamarine pendant and have been using that with my brown intaglio/cameo pendant. Necklaces often look good in twos.

Complaints about the weather; all day, every day. April weather is notoriously unstable but it’s been worse then usual(which swedes say every year to be honest. We never learn).

Happy moment; Lent is over, I’m back on sugar.




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