The usual suspects…

IMG_1728There are books and then there are books. at different times in life,and at different times of the year, my mood changes. Right now I’m so in the mood for books to get lost in, to read for hours and have very little in the way of thought-provoking experiences.

As much as fantasy has been a part of my book diet from an early age, indeed I never left the world of dragons,trolls and other otherworldly creatures that can be a part of children books, I can be frustrated with it. The advent of young adult literature, YA for short, has obviously been something I’ve rejoiced in mostly because it’s the kind of books I would have loved as a young woman. As an adult I’m rather picky with them as I somethings find them too juvenile,which is perfectly in order; they are not written for me.

Not all YA is in a fantasy/dystopian setting should be noted. It’s also worth mentioning that I’m by no means an expert. I’ve read a few, most recently Six of crows by Leigh Bardugo.

Line up the usual suspects; big fighter with a heart, tormented leader of the gang, a reluctant participant,a femme fatale and a tomboy. Except none of the usual suspects conform to expectations really. Which is something I loved.

This is well-written,fast paced and fun. The dialogue is like a whip at times; yes slightly predictable but I wasn’t looking to have my mind blown, I wanted to be entertained which is not so easy. I have every respect for those that manage to make an action movie or a romantic comedy that manages to give the comfort that you look for but yet not be a series of cliches. I would say that this book, or it’s writer, is aware of the pitfalls,toys with them and skirts them gracefully. Self-aware or maybe with a good editor(could be both).

As someone of Scandinavian origin I had loads of fun at the supposed language of Matthias. Whenever anyone on IG mentions their love of Golden Girls I nod my head( agree wholeheartedly) and then I have to say “gönökenflökenköken” which is something that Rose claims they used to eat back in St Olof. Norwegian and Swedish are much alike and let me tell you that’s not a real word, let alone some sort of cake(I remember from the context that it was supposed to be). Bardugo gets one thing right though; Semla. Matthias wants a almond and cream filled pastry and that my friends is the real deal. A semla is a joy to eat but you are only allowed to have them just before Lent starts. And just like that Matthias is possibly my fave character although Nina get’s a lot of love; a girl who likes ago eat and nap is a girl of my own heart.

I guess everyone has made the Oceans eleven reference already but it’s used for a reason, it’s a very apt one. And I really enjoyed those movies.

There was something about this book that remind me of The library at Mount Char but that’s mostly in the tone and the action-part. Good fun in any case; I will read the follow up (which was not the case with the Raven king).

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2 thoughts on “The usual suspects…”

  1. I appreciate this book for the same reasons and the follow-up is great, too. Good YA for readers like us is much more difficult to find than good literature and I always feel like hugging the author when I find something.

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