The art part of my moniker


I’ve been thinking about my feed on Instagram lately,  because I was asked about my philosophy behind it. The answer to that is; there really isn’t one. It kind of grew organically out of the realisation that the light is best on my living room table and it’s one of the few areas where I can be consistent, and  I know that doing the same thing repeatedly just works. Not just on IG, in having a coherent feed, but rather in life. Routine takes away a part of the work you have to put in thinking about it.

IMG_1617 (1)


That said I do on some level think that my love of the works by swedish artist Einar Jolin plays into it. I’m not saying my feed is anything like his paintings (and I do “flatly”)but that they are works I admire and continue to be inspired by, especially his still lives.


The colour scheme is very much of the era he worked in but ,those greens  that I love, and so are the items that figure in them although at this point asian items turns up here and there. But there is something happening in this pictures, these little vignettes as learned that they are called, that I can look at all day. And I do try to have nice things around me to look at. Sometimes they paint a bigger picture, sometime it’s just random items.

It must be mentioned that I also loves his portraits, the women he waited wears the most amazing outfits. And in a  week with gloomy  weather like we are having flipping through my favorite art books is a way to lift the spirits.

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Einar Jolin



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