7 Apps I use

IMG_1465To know me is to know that I’m constantly looking at my phone. It’s embarrassing actually, I’m addicted. The photo above is my currant screensaver; with this depressing weather we are having it’s nice to have something cheerful to look at. What else is of interest on my phone?

  1. Instagram; No surprise there. I love Instagram and it is the best place to find me.
  2. Sleep cycle; as a chronic insomniac I have to say that this works for me.I’m not worried about the numbers and I don’t check the stats as it were  gospel; as long as I stick to “sleep-hygien” as it is aptly called I sleep fairly well. It isn’t full proof but the function that monitors your sleep and sounds the alarm, during a window you specify, when you are at your “lightest” sleep cycle does ensure I’m more alert during the day. The path from sleeping to awake is the shortest possible,making it easier.
  3. Mindfulness; tried this last year but it’s only now that I’ve gotten into it. There are several around but I downloaded(and payed for) this swedish version in 2016 and I’m keeping it. Not a cure for everything but a little breather.
  4. Messenger; I have no love for Facebook but the messenger app is brilliant. I’ve basically stopped texting people.
  5. WordPress; As a blogger I try to keep up with comments, with varied success, and for that it works really well.
  6. Goodreads; My least fave of these. I’m sort of starting to regret ever getting it as it is yet another platform to keep up with. If I did it just for me I could just as well have stuck to my reading journal.
  7. Spotify; this is also pretty self explanatory. I like a bit of music sometime but if you subscribe to Spotify to check out spoken content like audiobooks etc. which can be found there.






  1. Nice round up! I’m with you – love IG, kind of despise FB, and find Spotify and Goodreads handy but only for specific things (like finding new tunes and books… but lousy at keeping them up to date, etc).

    1. I’ve been thinking about removing my FB-profile because you can use messenger without; then the terrorattack in Sweden happened and I used it to declare myself “safe” which was handy. What a world we live in.

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