Cherry blossoms&Chinese books

IMG_1636One of the clearest signs that spring is coming to Stockholm is the age old debate of which will be more popular on social media this year; The blossoming cherry trees or people taking photos of the blossoming cherry trees? All of Stockholm turns into “basic bitches” this time of year ; the cherry trees in Kungsträdgården is the equivalent of taking pics of the florist at Liberty in London; blantatly obvious but also pretty damn beautiful. Basic is the new black I guess. I point this out as I myself to more then one pic of them as I passed them on my way to The Museum of far eastern antiquities (or Östasiatisk museet as we say in swedish).

The museum is located on Skeppsholmen so just a short walk from Kungsträdgården, it’s worth walking that way to get a feeling for spring, preferably reciting some Bashō on the way.

So I will admit I visit this museum fairly often, primarily because they have a great gift shop. I’ve bought so many presents there it’s silly. I also have my eye on some jade accessories for myself because after a cold spring like this I feel my M.O is “treat yo’self”. But I digress.


The museum also have some really nice collections; I usually focus on the Chinese porcelain which despite being hundreds of years old feels very modern( which is obviously because many ceramists look to those for inspiration) and they are very pretty. There is also a small section with Japanese clothes and objects that I recommend. The problem here is that I think the Ethnographic museum got the best stuff(they have the Japanese tea house amongst other things). I’m currently semi-obsessed with the hallway that is lined with Chinese books. I haven’t seen it before but it inspires me. I have no idea what kind of books they are but seriously I don’t care at this point.

IMG_1640I will also say that they have a lovely restaurant and I noticed they have rehung their lamps(but I’m a sucker for a red lantern). There is something about having a multitude of lanterns that just works. I saw something similar at the central station earlier this year and the vegan restaurant Lao wai has long had their ceiling filled with rice lamps. In addition to the jade jewelry I will take this into consideration.



Things mentioned in this post:


Lao Wai

The museum of Far eastern antiquities 








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