Kilts&Covers; a bookish three step guide to the Gucci look

I’m really into what Gucci is doing right now. On and off they hit just the right spot and this is one of those times. I’m not over the moon about everything in the collection but when I walked past the Gucci store and saw this window display I swooned a little; partly because it’s a combination of things I like, and so I already had most of it. Just a matter of putting it together; here is how.


  1. Get a kilt; I’m not gonna get into the whole “only men have kilts and by the way that thing you are wearing isn’t even that”; I say kilt and you know approximatively what I mean. I love a bit of tartan and have had plenty of skirts there of. This is a classic women’s kilt-style skirt which is a good investment as they work on many occasions and look good on most people; I have an old tear sheet  with Laura Bailey wearing one that is pretty much #stylegoals but alas I’m not blond and beautiful. This is the kind of thing that can be had for a bargain second hand so keep your eyes open. I paid 50 SEK(€5) for mine(see below) and I have used it loads; great winter skirt.
  2. Get a striped sweater (or just a plain sweater); I told you, this look is made of things I like. Striped sweaters, again, are a very classic thing. One of those french sailor sweaters with buttons on the shoulder is not a bad investment, but often striped sweaters can be found in good quality without breaking the bank. And even though this look is based on a stripes (I used a Sonia Rykiel one worn backwards) I really like the look of a plain grey sweater with both tartan skirts and skirts of chiffon or more delicate or durable material(jersey and leather is a match made in heaven). IMG_1713 (1)
  3. Read a book with a tiger on the cover; I’m holding Hanne Kjöller’s “En svensk tiger” about the culture of silence in the swedish police that my father insists I read but there are plenty of books out there that are worth reading and fits the look.



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