Easter prepping…


Tomorrow is the day Easter starts up here(as we are rather secular). Are you ready?

  1. Make a visit to the florist; Daffodils are the best buy but the point is to give off that spring vibe so any yellow flowers are wonderful.
  2. Marble eggs with nail polish like I did last year; Every craft blogger worth there salt have made them since and the trend shows no sign of abating.
  3. Stock up on chocs; A basket full of those small Lindt-bunnies is a delight, and you need to be prepped if witches come to your door (kids in Sweden trick-or-treat tomorrow)
  4. Read something in tune with the holiday; either about witches( for example Stacy Schiff has a book out about the witches of Salem or Roald Dahl’s classic Witches) or think along the Fabrège eggs-theme and read something about the Romanovs(Massie’s about Nicholaus and Alexandra is great, I personally have my eye on the one by Sebag-Montefiore).
  5. Consider wearing something yellow, to match the flowers and, worst case scenario, act as ersatz sunshine; I’m hoping for sunshine and long walks but I don’t always get what I ask for. And as people often dress in red for Christmas,why not dress in yellow for Easter?
  6. Have toddies; they are egg-based so very Easter-like, and smokey whiskey is rarely a bad idea.
  7. Promise yourself that next year you will send some stylish Easter cards; I also suggest you forget about this vow immediately. Who can deal with the pressure?

Things mentioned in this post;

Marbling eggs with nail polish

Hot toddies

Witches by Roald Dahl

The Romanovs by Sebag-Montefiore



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