7 things I’ve learned from Lent


Lent is coming to an end,luckily, so let’s sum up my experience this year.


  1. There is sugar in everything; avoiding sugar means I have to look at all the packages and there is sugar or other sweeteners in everything. Not just cake and dessert but pretty much any ready-made food. Which pushes me to cook more, a good thing in general.
  2. I eat more sugar then I think, or I should; don’t we all? I think of myself as someone who prefers the salty stuff,crips etc, and I do, but it’s like a 60-40 divide. And as I’ve pointed out before I often find myself eating sugary stuff out of politeness even though I don’t feel like it. But I treat myself to cardamom buns more often then I should, the really tasty kind, but still.
  3. Life without licorice is “poor,nasty,brutish and short”; Salty licorice is my biggest vice and possibly my one true love. Not being able to snaffle on some salty fish when I have to do something I loath leaves me with no coping mechanisms. I silently sing “I can’t live, if living is without you” when I walk by the shop Lakritsroten that deals exclusively in all manner of licorice.
  4. Those “Raw bite” things may be sugar free but mostly they are overpriced moist Weetabix. And that’s about the nicest thing I can say about them. I’ll have a banana instead.
  5. The Lupin-rule still applies; if you lose a loved relative or there is a terrorattack in your town all bets are off. Professor Lupin insisted on chocolate being good when having fought Dementors and such. First aid classes have thought me that sugar is indeed a good thing for someone in chock.
  6. It’s a good thing the booksale happens so the sum of my vices can be constant; both this year and last I’ve read more then usual during Lent. Correlation is not causation however. The annual book sale happens  around the same time so I get to have some fun. And I’m a sucker for the “latest purchase allure” with books,clothes and beauty products.
  7. I never learn; I did the exact same thing for Lent last year so you think I’d have a clue. Uh-uh,not so. I was tired but that’s also because it was February. I was agitated but again February is one of the worst crimes against humanity if you live in these parts. It was a constant discovery of that there is sugar in everything, that licorice is a vital part of my diet and that sugar is a large culprit in the awfulness afflicted upon mankind that is me when I’m hungry(less sugar,less moodswings. Although I’ll never give up on second breakfast; I really need that).

Now if you excuse me I will go and try to sleep until Thursday when it’s all over.






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