It was about time the weekend started, it’s been a long week( but then again I say that every week).


At least I have been pleasantly entertained, by both books and things coming through the “buds” in my ears; I finally got around to listening to S-town, the latest audio adventure behind the people who created This american life and Serial.

I’ve listen to This American life on and off for a few years and I was obsessed with the first season of Serial; it was such a game changer and just about had me in a conniption fit of excitement every episode. The second season was alright I thought, but no more than that. And now this; S-town, as in Shit-town,Alabama; the home of John B. Macklemore. It’s seven chapters(episodes) and they all went up at the same time. I’ve held off listening to it because of time constraints and I wanted a few reviews before diving in. When I did start listening though? Barely stopped. Almost 7 hours all in all and I gobbled it up in three days. It’s safe to say I got nothing else done.

What’s it about then? A supposed murder. A man that is larger then life or at least larger than his small southern hometown. A friendship. A mystery, or in fact several. In short its a story of a life and of life, all centered around John B. Macklemore. I thought of Stoner more than once but that could also be because I’ve been reading Augustus, also by John Williams.

One thing about John B. Macklemore startled me a bunch of times; he’s a horologist. On some level I know that it’s an actual term for someone who is a master in the art of measuring time. But I’ve been ruined by the works of David Mitchell and always think that horologists are reborn souls( although there is something of Marinus over John B. Macklemore I think. Or maybe I’m just  craving another book from Mitchell that I’m imagining things). The point is that S-town is really good and worth your time.


And my next book just had to be The watchmaker of Filigree street;  I had been thinking about reading for a while despite different opinions about it, because there are elements there that interest me. So far I’m enjoying it, and it’s at least giving me loads of inspiration in terms of bringing out my old watch necklace(and I have a Margiela for H&M watch necklace somewhere) and drinking green tea. And there could well be a cocktail created in the end as Lent is almost over and I will be allowed sugar again.

Things mentioned in this post;

This american life



Augustus by John Williams

Books by David Mitchell

Margiela for H&M



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