All is fair in love&wargames?

IMG_1512Well, the Army museum is not one that I have visited many times, there was that time when they put on a show of old school Russian uniforms( it was all very War&Peace I must say) but nothing else they’ve done has really gotten my attention. Have they done exhibits on Mata Hari and other sexy spies? They should. Everyone loves a good spy story, evidenced by the continued sales of John Le Carré books,

Their latest exhibit does however focus on one of the way that war occurs in our live; games. Everything from Go to Chess is in essence a battle, of the minds more then the body but a battle nonetheless. And it is to be encouraged. I would love to live in a world where the political leaders stuck to boardgames instead of using real people as their pawns. Instead we take delight in reenacting the bloody battles of yore. Huh.

IMG_1520I’s not necessarily bad though. One can learn a lot about strategy when playing a game like Risk which I did when I was younger; not a lovely colorful version like this but essentially the same game. And it’s interesting to hear about the long history that games have had and how they interact with reality.

Two examples of the latter is when the American forces used a deck of cards to spread the images of Iraqi leaders and their place in the hierarchy and before then, during the Gulf-war, when allied forces actually used an existing boardgames to plan their strategy.

All in all; a very illuminating exhibit that manages to entertain and create a feeling of recognition while at the same time putting the finger on something important.

Things mentioned in this post;

Mata Hari

John Le Carré

The Army museum




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