conception Spatiale

IMG_1474Have you ever seen any of Lucio Fontana’s work in the Conception Spatiale-series? They look a bit like what has happened to my dressing gown, except he used a blade to create an opening, this is caused by wear and tear(and possibly a source of heat at some point)?

Where Fontana saw his pieces as giving the spectator an impression of spatial calm, of cosmic rigour, of serenity in infinity (quote from link down below).

My clothes are currently giving the viewer more of me than they want to see and me a slight panic. A pair of jeans have some awful tears around the thighs (and crotch if I’m honest) so I’m down to two pairs of jeans at the moment. So the dressing gown is out of the game, so is two tops and a wool-blend sweater has been washed a little on the hot side. Although that was ages ago, I’ve just kept using it. However having been just a tad bit felted it isn’t as comfortable anymore and not as flexible; small tears have started to show. Old,H&M ,bought on sale- but I love the colour (it’s chartreuse)

What else? A huge tunic that I’ve had for years and used as some sort of loungewear has got some holes in it. It’s amazing, and horrifying, what you notice as natural daylight has made a comeback in our lives. Two t-shirts are so mangy I’ve delegated them to “work out clothes”.

Little by little my wardrobe is falling apart, and it’s a natural process. Some of these things were second-hand or made of old fabric; then they will have a shorter lifespan. The jeans are just used loads which is what happens if you only have four pairs.

As frustrating as it is, it’s not like I’m gonna have to go naked any time soon. I will have to buy shoes as on pair Stan Smith’s and a bunch assorted high heels isn’t exactly compatible with my life since I’m always walking from point a to b(and c). I have been given some lovely fabrics, and I never have a shortage of ideas.

In the end I have a positive view on this; I’ve used my clothes(or someone has used them before me) to the point of breaking as it should be. It’s kind of nice to sort of shed a skin(because it feels like it) and I embrace the challenge of dressing a bit differently and rediscovering old pieces from my closet as I go along.

I will try hard not to buy anything,except shoes and possibly a white shirt.

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Lucio Fontana



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