7 rites of Spring

IMG_1467I’m a creature of habit when it comes to most things, and it should be noted that I take the change of the seasons very seriously. I’ve decided that it’s spring, irrespective of  the weather.

I may or may not have blogged about my spring-rituals before however I do know that I’ve brought up Rita Konig, of whom I’m a fan. I don’t know how old these tear sheets are but they are from British Vogue and they have on them a few tips from then Vogue columnist Konig about “how to spring clean your life”.  And very good advice it is; some of them I’ve integrated to my rite of spring, and then I’ve added a few of my own. This is what I did this weekend.

  1. Give the home a good going over including a washing of the windows. It doesn’t have to be the real deal; windex and an old newspaper is fine. But it makes the world of difference, especially for me as the living room has one HUGE window. I love the light it let’s through but it can be unforgiving if dirty.
  2. Change the scent of the home; out with the sweet and spicy candles, in with the fresh and floral. Predictable as I am I really love Baies from Diptyque this time of year but their Mimosa candle is also lovely.
  3. Get a new soap and handlotion for the bathroom. I have a fondness for Morrocan Tea from Other Stories; the lotion is very good and the scent is suitable for everyone.
  4. Wash all the wool sweaters; I use my cashmere all year round but try not to wash them unless they are actually dirty. A good airing will often do. A few times of year I do however make sure they are all properly hand washed and dried(rolled up in big bath towels).
  5. Get something new on the wall; rehanging paintings or just changing what is in the frames gives me something new to look at and has a bigger impact then you can imagine. I have these five old poster with a Japanese series of prints on that I plan to frame and hang; bought them at a flea market last summer. Did not have time this weekend though but soon, very soon.
  6. Clear out the bookshelves; Konig advises this but I’ve resisted. After the Kon Mari -method I feel otherwise. I’ve tried different strategies but clearing the bookshelves four times of year, making room for new books, seems the ultimate method for me.
  7. Get a new watch strap; this was a piece of advice from the Vogue article that I really took to heart and did for spring for a few years. I really loved having a colourful strap to set the tone. I had dark blue, purple for a period and also green; a racing green one year and a more minty shade another. I had completely forgotten about this since I no longer have a watch. It broke and I haven’t bought a new one. I should do that; I miss having one on my arm, and the opportunity for a dash of colour that it allows.

Things mentioned in this post;

Rita Konig

Baies from Diptyque

Moroccan tea from Other Stories

Kon Mari-method





2 thoughts on “7 rites of Spring”

  1. I very much agree that washing the windows makes ALL the difference. Another thing that I do is pack away all the woolen stuff in boxes (scarves, mittents etc, and warmer coats). And I usually go through all my clothes and and get rid of what I dont wear anymore or what doesn’t fit (quite a few pair of jeans this year , sadly! 😦 )

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