IMG_1344On Instagram people on occasion announce their travel plans and ask for tips; if they write that they plan to visit Stockholm I do offer up my two cents on my hometown. One place that often gets a shout out is Snickarbacken 7.

Nowadays Snickarbacken 7 is mostly a café. What started out as a coffee counter has grown to take over most of the cave due to it’s popularity, one that is well-earned I might add.

I don’t know what it says about me, or Snickarbacken, that I made a little noise of pleasure and clapped my hands when they, as probably the first café in Stockholm, put “flat white” on their menu. And they do it well, in fact they are very good with coffee; that’s their main love. Cakes and food has been added over time and its been the same nice “a few things well executed” philosophy that has remained. But honestly a part of the allure is the venue.

Located a bit off the city center it’s still an easy place to visit and it’s in an old cave-like structure. Stockholm is built on hills and at some point they took dynamite to the rock to create what became a garage to service cars(I’ve also heard that it used to be a stable before that). Those days are long gone but it’s still pretty cool to walk into. The walls are painted white and loads of candle everywhere so the lack of sunlight isn’t a bother. The entrance has a very high ceiling and then it get’s more narrow. But tables are spread out all over so there is room for everyone. And they always have the nicest fresh flowers on the tables,and a stack of magazines for browsing.

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Snickarbacken 7






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