Wednesday&What have I been wearing?

Bad pics,random post and currently I’m stuck in a “50 shades of grey” mode it seems. What’s going on?

Bally makes the unsexiest shoes known to man but they keep my feet warm and that is of the essence so I wear them a lot. And they are almost the only shoes I have since two pairs of my winter shoes fell apart, and high heels boots are not for every day.

I realize that part of the boring choice in clothes comes from the uninspiring weather and season. The elements need to be taken into account when getting dressed, and getting glasses, rather distinct ones, has made me re-evaluate how I dress. Oh, and the fact that my wardrobe has kind of imploded again.

The grey pinstriped skirt and matching jacket are something my dad bought on one of his travels. Except it wasn’t a skirt then but a pair of huge harem-style pants. Huge. I cut them up and made a little skirt, the jacket is pretty much the same, I just shortened the sleeves. Not the best quality of fabric but a bit of wool in it so I stay nice and toasty. I do like the look of a small skirt and a big jacket, that clash of proportions.

The grey dress is made of “fleece” that I had bought to use as backing on a blanket. In the end it got used for this but it will soon fall apart. Fleece is,again, a lovely fabric to keep warm and the softness is appealing. But what I have learned the last year is that small particles of it fall out when it’s in the washing machine, particles that end up wrecking havoc in nature. The other thing is that it’s not a very durable material. The armpits and shoulders on this thing are worn out after only like two years of use. Frequent use(and being washed by hand) but still. I hope makes it through to May.

The third is a beloved grey cashmere sweater and a skirt made of left-over fabric from when I helped a friend make some curtains. A very cool print from a Finnish company that I cannot remember the name of. I’ve loved this skirt and I’ve gotten many(many) compliments over the years. But it is worn in places and this might be the last you see of it. As it was a small thing to begin with so there really isn’t much to work with; often I’ll make old dresses into skirts etc. Not so in this case. It will probably rip and then R.I.P.

No worries though; I have like 30 skirts in my closet. All I need now is some sunshine and a nice pair of summer shoes.




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