Sleeves and second opinions

So dramatic sleeves are on point. If Life in a cold climate says it is so, it is so. If there is anyone that personifies the italian word Sprezzatura it is our darling Annikky.

I feel differently however,which is both predictable(never conforming to popular opinion) and rather surprising (I love a dramatic sleeve; my collection of kimonojackets really tells you all you need to know). However if you don’t go down the dramatic sleeve look you have only one option; sleeveless. Sleeves are dead. D.E.A.D. Only republican wives wear a normal sleeve now and is that something you want to be mistaken for? No, I thought not.

When I wore my “beauty is terror” t-shirt, made in honour of The Secret history, the other day it didn’t feel right. In fact when I came home I chopped of the sleeves. Much better and a nice clash with everything else in my closet.

I blame two things for this urge of mine; partly it’s following the hilarious account @everyoutfitonsatc which often features sleeveless options. The women of that show live in a pretend world and only ever wear outerwear because it’s stylish, like to cry in restaurants wear a big ol’ fur coat. People in a TV-series don’t actually have to deal with weather.

The second thing is pure nostalgia; as a feminist I think back to the halcyon days of 2015 when one of the things that I was legit annoyed about was the constant talk about Michelle Obamas “guns”. Talking about her fashion I have no problem with what so ever; it’s choices she made, she used it to her advantage etc. How someone chooses to dress, or not dress, is a reasonable topic of discussion. But so so tired of the commenting on women bodies all the time. Well as a feminist I have bigger fish to fry right now.

And the thing with sleeves, regular or dramatic, is that they “cover up” not so nice looking arms the magazines always point out.  Fuck that. With arms, like with everything, most women feel bad. There is no perfect arm; it’s a game that is rigged. So yes; a dramatic sleeve could be a “get out of feeling bad for yourself-card” but it makes life difficult; I knock things over, can’t put on coats yada yada. And right now I have stuff to deal with and it’s not just “roll my shirt sleeves up a bit”(and that’s a look I love love love); I’m going sleeveless and getting busy. Dior’s New Look was all about making a women a doll again after the war. Don’t let the dramatic sleeves fool you into living a life with restricted movement. Run free, get stuff done and don’t bother about sleeves.

NB: This post is written very tongue in check. I had a brain fart and I’ve had a crazy week and needed to ventilate. The obvious solution to this style conundrum is to were one of those dresses or tops with one dramatic sleeve and a bare shoulder.

Things mentioned in this post;

Life in a Cold climate

The Secret History


Dior’s New Look





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