Advice in Spade’s

IMG_1351And again we found ourselves in the category “big sisters and aunties I never had”. Although I do in fact have an auntie, and I love her, just that her advice never really seems to be the kind of thing that’s applicable when living in the big city. Her advice is more like what to do if you encounter a badger late at night or about all things weaving.

These little jewel colored books was something I picked up when a clothing store closed; everything was half off. I don’t know if these had been for sale or just been used for decoration. I can’t remember that store ever selling Kate Spade clothes or accessorizes though, which is a shame. However I saw that another shop has started selling her bags her in Stockholm so hopefully well get more stuff soon. The tableware I can live without but I’m a huge fan of the stationary and the accessories. I mean come on, I once saw a set of bracelets with the words “no sleep” on one and “’til Brooklyn” on the other on their website. That’s so funny. And there was a necklace with the words “spike the punch” that I tried to buy a few years back, so much that someone I know went out and bought one of those necklaces with a lot of letters so you can put together your own message, and made one for me.

That’s now though,when Kate Spade herself has pretty much left the company if I understand correctly. They do seem to embody her spirit though as these books on Style,Manners and Occasions from around 2004 can attest to.

Basically they are lovely little collections of advice on different themes to do with the title on the cover. Very simple but done in an elegant way and with the most wonderful illustrations. I’ve had them a few years and, I just love browsing them, to look at the colours and patterns. When I’ve had a little peek in them I feel like I am a bit more sophisticated and capable of handling what life throws at me. But as always with self-appointed lifestyle gurus you must find one that is telling you what you want to hear basically. I’m in the Kate&Konig bracket apparently; I love a good coat, take cocktails seriously and will never give up on gallery walls and bright colours(In your face Stockholm trend with empty walls,In your face!!).

Sadly I just have to accept that everyone doesn’t have these books and even if they do, they are not necessarily gonna follow the advice in them. There are several mentions on how to behave when using a mobile phone. 12 years after these were published  there are still people screaming about there personal life, into their phones, while on the commute. And considering that the average time to get your first phone seems to have dropped to those who literally were born yesterday I don’t understand why people who have had them for 20 years still behave like that. Oh well; that is the plague of our time.

These books are very American obviously in a charming and preppy way, but I’m not bothered by that. Everything I don’t like I probably just wave of as “american culture, not applicable in these parts” (said in my most BBC-like voice ever) and I must say they have aged rather well(or maybe I was just born a little old lady). It’s come so far that the chapter about fax-etiquette is rather sweet as no one uses them anymore(I think they will make a huge comeback soon. They are impossible to hack you know; if I ever send nudes it will  be by fax I assure you).


My point is;if you come across these in a second hand books shop or so, do consider buying them. Even if I don’t live up to the standards she has set, it still nice to know there are some standards out there.

Things mentioned in this post;

Kate Spade Stationary

Also; take a look at her home. #goals

No sleep ’til Brooklyn

Rita Konig




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