IMG_1198 (1)I’m really trying to stop drinking coffee in paper cups; take-away style is bad for the environment and really; if I don’t have time to sit down and drink coffee I probably shouldn’t drink coffee at all. That whole thing with stress levels.

So where to go for good coffee? Obviously it depends on where in Stockholm, you’ll get very few recommendations about Södermalm on this blog (#sorrynotsorry).

Just of out of the city center there is a classic cafe called Saturnus. When I was younger it said something else on the sign although everyone called it Saturnus. Apparently that was for legal reasons; the current owners got that bit sorted and it says Saturnus on the sign and also on the cups and saucers. The biggest, and some of the best, cinnamon buns in town has remained over the years. They are big enough to share for two,three or maybe four people. Well the price matches that nowadays but still worth it.

The coffee is excellent and the surroundings very cosy in a “somewhere on the french riviera” kind of way. That’s what they are going for and I do appreciate that they have several international magazines and newspapers to read.

But it is really a great place to meet a friend for a refreshment and some coffee, and making big plans.

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Café Saturnus







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