Curves and commas

IMG_1219As much as I have come to enjoy the meditative aspects of my calligraphy practices and  the wonderful curlicues that are the result, I don’t always have time for it.

There is a certain amount of prep-work and cleaning up involved and it isn’t really worth it unless I have a good hour or so to focus on the actual writing. That is so not the case in my life right now. But I did find something that is at least a bit of a solution.

I found an old school style of booklet,the kind that my parents had in school when they were taught to write. I could have used some as well aback in school because learning to write on regular paper, in hindsight, didn’t work. Instead I very quickly  learned how a computer works.

But when I came across these in an office supply store I bought a couple. I cannot use them with my ink and nib(the paper is too thin) but sitting with a plain ballpoint or other pen just practicing is a very simple task, and a calming one.  For now I’m sticking to this.





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