7 thoughts on correspondence


  1. Consider cards; A lot of people feel they don’t know what to say so start small. It’s the thought that counts. Obvious state,Penguin books and pretty much any museum you visit has nice ones.
  2.  Get a decent pen. It doesn’t have to be a fancy Waterman or anything but a fountain pen makes writing nicer. However if you are writing just cards stick to ball point, same goes for the adress on envelopes.(fountain pens don’t always have waterproof ink)
  3. Get a ruled cheat sheet; this is standard with Swedish stationary sets; basically a sheet with very dark lines. You put it underneath the sheet you are writing on and the lines are visible through so you write neater if using unruled stationary.
  4. And that’s another thing; treat yo’self to some nice paper to write on. Again it doesn’t have to be Smytheson personalized with a monogram or anything. I’m a fan of the old kind of Air mail; light blue with dark blue and red edges. To me that is old school glamour. This pink paper was a €5 find in a Viennese bookshop.
  5. Also: a proper adress book. I actually need one but finding a nice one with the letter ÅÄÖ for all my folks with umlauts in the beginning of there names(a very common thing up here) is hard.
  6. Don’t forget to included a little gift now and again. Bookmarks, teabags of unusual teas,notebooks that sort of thing. Nothing expensive just a little something fun. Getting surprises in the mail never gets old.
  7. Do write your own adress on the back of the envelope. As much as I love sending proper mail I’m not sure the companies who claim they deliver it actually know what they are doing. A return adress is a must.

Things referred to in this post;

Obvious state


Penguin books cards

Waterman (also read this)






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