A dance to the music of time


When I decided to use the opportunity that free admission allows to visit several museums I rather typically started with the museums I really like and have happily paid for on several occasions. It could be regarded as a clever move; a case of maximizing utility as I’m getting something for free that I would have paid for. Or maybe I’m just a bit lazy: The museum of Movement is very centrally located…

They used to have a nicer space but the the Ministry of foreign affairs was expanding and poor little museum had to move. They do make the best of their newish digs though; as they now have a smaller space for their permanent collection they seem to be rotating it more often, which is good for me; it’s the costumes I’m there for.

Most of the really good pieces are from “Le Ballet Suédois”; the swedish ballet in Paris. Inspired by Diagliegev’s Russian Ballet swedish nobelman Rolf De Mare created a company that dared push the boundaries and left behind a legacy of ideas,outfits and moves.

There is also wonderful outfits from different ethnic dances from around the world; right now they’ve taken out that they have from Japan including No- and Kabuki-theater.

I’m also hopeless in love with their little models built to show what different ballet productions looked like on stage and give context. They are like exquisite dollhouses, very fancy victorian toys. But then I have a fascination with tiny things so that might not have the same effect on everyone.

One thing that I’ve always thought was the nicest touch was the ongoing projection of taped dances from different eras; it’s easy to just sit down and drift away looking.

Sidenone; That dress in the picture to the left is pretty much what I want to dress in this summer. For me this place is a constant source of inspiration.

Things mentioned in this post;

The museum of Movement in Stockholm

Rolf De Maré

Japanese Theater



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